Monday, November 15, 2010

Pittsburgh Public Market

After our Sunday brunch at Casbah, we decided to check out the Pittsburgh Public Market in the Strip. I don't know what I expected - I wish it was a bit larger because it didn't take us too long to stroll through. However, all of the vendors are very friendly and chatty. There were lots of samples (chips, marshmallows, brownies, cookies, fudge, jellies, chili, beer) and many took the time to talk to us about the items they were selling.

We tried some yummy marshmallows from Pittsburgh Marshmallow Factory. Real, homemade marshmallows, not store bought, overly sweet, sticky, and sometimes kind of tough/chewy marshmallows. And not those gross, tiny, hard cereal marshmallows!We bought a few: starting in the back, coffee flavor, vanilla (the white one), cinnamon (the pink one), and mint chocolate (light green, dusted with cocoa). They are quite tasty, but at $1/marshmallow, I thought maybe a wee bit pricey - ?We really only wanted to buy 3, but the sales lady said that she'd throw in a small vanilla one, which we assumed to be like a 4 for the price of 3 deal since we didn't ask for a fourth one, but when SP have her a $5 bill, she only gave him $1 back instead of $2 - ? We gave each other a look but didn't say anything, but we felt a little ripped off by the marshmallow lady, especially since if we'd really wanted to spend $4 on 4 marshmallows, we would have picked a different flavor than vanilla (like chocolate, or another cinnamon, which I really like).

So watch out for the sneaky marshmallow lady!!

On our Sunday travels, we also drove down Butler Street in Lawrenceville. We wanted to see if Dozen Bake Shop is accessible.
It looked like there was a step to get in, so we pulled over and parked. I waited in the car while SP went to get a better look. He returned with this goodie:A cinnamon roll. It's huge!!!! And slathered with cream cheese frosting.We had some for dessert during the Steelers game. It was tasty.When I say that we had some, I mean that we each had maybe a sixth of it - that's how big it is.Since I am sharing treats in this post, I should mention this treat:It's from Portman Farms. It looks like a whoopie pie, but it's really 2 pumpkin cookies with white chocolate chips and walnuts sandwiched together with a cream cheese icing.It is large so we split it while we watched Robin Hood Saturday evening. The movie was long but better than we expected - I think we kept putting off watching it because it's 2.5 hours long and got so-so reviews. We've had the DVD for 2 or 3 weeks but finally, we watched it. And enjoyed the sandwich cookie.

So much for my 'no treats this week' vow...


  1. You guys really get around! I've had the Pittsburgh Public Market on my "to go to" list since it opened. Thanks for the warning about the marshmallow lady! I can't believe the size of that cinnamon roll. I'm curious what they charge for that...

  2. The cinnamon roll was $3.

    I'd like to think marshmallow lady just made a mistake, but it seems awful quick to forget she'd offered to throw the extra in.

  3. I've never been impressed with the treats at Dozens (cupcakes included) but that cinnamon bun sure does look fine.

    You guys do have a great record for getting around the city. I'm lucky if I get out of the South Hills more than once a week.

  4. The cinnamon roll was worth the $3. Much tastier than Dozen's cupcakes, which I find a bit dry. They offer a Sunday brunch now (at the Butler Street location). As for getting around - it helps that half Greg's family lives in 'our' area and the other half in the Squirrel Hill area, so everyone tries to 'share' the traveling for meeting up! We also tend to sandwich a bunch of stops into one trip, like we did on Sunday! And sometimes we just like driving around, enjoying the city.