Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Wild Rosemary

Saturday night, SP and I went out to dinner celebrate my birthday. We're calling it Birthday Dinner #1. We decided to go to Wild Rosemary on Bower Hill Road in Upper St. Clair.

We first dined at Wild Rosemary last August. We enjoyed our meal so much that as we were leaving, we made our reservations for my birthday dinner.

Since traffic wasn't as heavy as we had expected, we arrived about 20 minutes early for our 6:30 pm reservation. Wild Rosemary is a small restaurant, so we waited about a half an hour for the couple dining at what was to be our table to finish their meals. Once we were seated, our server quickly opened our wine, a Coppola Claret:An appetizer quickly arrived. Wild Rosemary does not have an appetizer menu. Instead, there is one daily appetizer. This time, it was a delicious, creamy dip of pureed pumpkin, goat cheese, and a pomegranate glaze with some pomegranate seeds and a yummy brown bread also drizzled with glaze.We quickly ate the appetizer and scraped every last bit of delicious pumpkin from the pumpkin bowl. My only complaint is that I somehow kept getting my hands sticky from the drizzled goodness and I managed to get some of it on my sweater sleeve. Oops.

It was quite dim in Wild Rosemary when we dined and so my photos are dark. I still won't use a flash in restaurants because I think it would bother other diners and it would really call attention to me and my photo taking and I prefer to be low key and surreptitious. Anyway, I tried to brighten up and sharpen the photos in Photoshop, but since I really have no idea what I am doing, I got frustrated and gave up. Instead, I decided to post the original photos on the left and my idea of an edited, enhanced photo on the right. Ha. I think I really need a Photoshop class!

SP ordered the Chilean Sea Bass for dinner:It was roasted in a lemongrass broth and served with lime rounds and rice plus a side salad:SP really enjoyed his fish. He said it was moist and flaky plus he really enjoys lemongrass flavor so this was a hit. He also enjoyed his salad, which looks to be Bibb lettuce with slivers of red pepper and a balsamic dressing.

I chose the pork chop:A 12 ounce center cut, frenched, grilled pork chop served with a pumpkin & goat cheese souffle, sage-maple butter, and an arugula salad. The pork chop is huge! SP had to help me eat it! It was quite tasty if a bit tough, but that is because I asked for it well done (sensitive stomach) and when pork is well done, it tends to be a bit tough. The arugula salad was delicious - slivers of onion and red pepper plus a balsamic dressing. The souffle was amazing! Oh my gosh. SP was more than happy to repeatedly sample my souffle and we again scraped the pumpkin bowl clean!

I was feeling pretty darn full at this point, but you know how I am with dessert! Of course I had to order one! While we looked over the dessert menu, SP ordered a green passion tea and I ordered a half press of decaf coffee.

SP chose the Lemon Curd Tart for his dessert:

He ate half and brought the other half home.

I chose the Double Chocolate Gateau:Honestly, by the time I started eating this cake I was beyond full. The red Claret seemed to be hitting me more than white wine does (we usually take white wine when we got to a BYOB dinner) and I was starting to feel dizzy and way too full. I think I ate 2 or 3 bites before asking our server to box the rest and I concentrated on drinking the coffee, hoping it would counteract the wine. It was a tasty cake, layers of moist cake with shaved chocolate on top and a white icing in between. I just couldn't put any more food in my tummy.

It was a delicious meal, well worth the cost, and the service was just as friendly and well paced as it was in August. I just ate & drank too much. On the drive home, I had to concentrate on breathing and not getting sick in the new car! I felt better once we got home and I changed into pajamas, but I also fell asleep on the couch at 10 pm -- which was like 9 pm if you factor in the time change!

I guess I really am getting old - asleep at 9-10 pm on a Saturday night!!!!

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  1. No way, a heavy meal plus red wine AND dessert? I'd be sleeping in the car on the way home. Sounds like a wonderful meal, however.

    Mmm... lemon curd tart.