Thursday, December 23, 2010

Baking Interrupted

It's never good when you are in your office, realize it's 2 pm and you haven't yet showered, and then your dad says, "Wow, lots of cop cars at the top of your driveway. I wonder what's going on?" This is followed 5 seconds later by,"Uh oh. Aaahhh. Oh no. Yum Yum, you have a river running through your front yard. Hang on. I'm going out to talk to them."I can't remember by exact reaction. Probably something like: Crap. Crap. Must be water break. CRAP I HAVEN'T SHOWERED YET AHHHHHHHHH. Look at the swath the water cut through the front yard in the above photo. All I could think was thank goodness it's not coming at the front of the house but wait oh no it curves around back and is it hitting the far corner where the addition is and where there have been previous leaks into the basement like after Ivan OH NO OH NO OH NO.

Yes indeed. Water main break in Robinson. Before I knew it, there were cop cars, dump trucks, a digger, water people swarming the top of our driveway. Apparently, the break was somewhere near/under our driveway. A nice policeman came to our door and told us that the water was about to be shut off, it was somewhere near the top of our driveway, the water people would be digging up our yard and maybe our driveway, but don't worry they are responsible for fixing anything they dig up.On the bright side, the river twisted nicely around the house and stayed well out in the yard, so we weren't in any danger of flooding. On the not so bright side, the break also spewed water out the other side of our driveway and down the hill between our driveway and the neighbor's driveway. Yikes - two rivers.Here comes the digger. Beep. Beep. I'm thinking, yikes, my mailbox is a goner. I'm happy to report the digger dude was so skilled that my mailbox did not get wiped out. Let's start digging! Yes, the digger is in our driveway and digging to the side of it. Sigh. Thank goodness we are not yard/garden fanatics. In fact, I considered asking them to dig up a few other spots. See that ugly bush over there? Do you think maybe the break is under it? Maybe you could dig it up and check to be sure. And then haul away the bush.Deeper and deeper. There were men going down a ladder into the hole.Long story short: after not finding the source of the break under our dug up front yard, they brought in the jackhammers. The jackhammers jackhammered away until the wee hours of the morning, but fortunately for us, they jackhammered the road and not our driveway. Unfortunately, the generators, jackhammers, and assorted other construction noise went on until 5 am, at which point the break was fixed and we had water again. So neither SP nor I got any sleep because of the noise. There was no escaping the noise on the main floor of our house, my parents are in the guest room downstairs, and the game room (man cave) is just too cold.

My shower this morning was soooo nice. I washed my hair twice. It was only 44 hours in between showers. Fifteen hours without water. Eeewwww gross.

Needless to say, without water, the cookie baking was on hold. Unfortunately, there was a giant pile of dirty dishes this morning. The dishwasher had already been nearly full and then we ate dinner, so even after using paper plates, there was still a lot. Fortunately, mom & dad are in town, and after a very busy morning, things are cleaned up and back on track.

Nothing like a little Christmas excitement in your front yard.

Oh yes - they put all our dirt back into the hole and now we have a mud pile.


  1. Ohhhh no! I feel so bad, but you know this reminds me of the old days! I'm so sorry that happened! I am always fearful of that happening, especially this time of year.

    If you have any problems, let me know ;)

  2. One week after we moved into our new house the crews moved in to replace all our sewer and water lines and stayed the ENTIRE summer and fall! We had huge yellow machines parked outside our house for months - and they started at 7am sharp every morning - the kids couldn't sleep in the whole summer with all the beeping and pounding! Merry Christmas!