Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas Dinner & Cherries Jubilee

Christmas dinner was a smaller, calmer affair than Christmas Eve dinner. SP and I had only a few responsibilities. We bought the spiral cut ham at Costco:Mom and dad took care of cooking the ham. Mom made the scalloped potatoes:And mom made the jello-applesauce side dish (also a tradition; we always had a jello side dish at grandma's on Christmas):Mom also got out and washed the Christmas dishes and set the table.

SP bought and steamed the broccoli.

And he made vanilla ice cream:The ice cream was for the Cherries Jubilee dessert. I know I said that Cherries On Snow was a family tradition, and I am about to say the same thing about Cherries Jubilee. That can't possibly be right - we wouldn't have had 2 cherries desserts on one day plus cookies! So I called out to mom in the living room. Mom yelled back that she would make Cherries On Snow at holiday time when we had guests over for dinner but not on Christmas Eve. That's why I associate Cherries On Snow with Christmas Eve, but it actually was just at Christmas time. Christmas Eve was definitely Cherries Jubilee because it's my brother's 'thing.' Ever since he was about 10 years old, he's been in charge of flaming the cherries in the chafing dish.

He heats a can of pitted dark cherries and then puts them in the warmed chafing dish:I think there's a few other ingredients, like powdered sugar & cornstarch, but I am not sure. Like I said, this is my brother's thing. I just provide the worn out recipe card.

Time for the flaming! We used brandy.A small spoonful. Always start small, because if you're like us, you need several spoonfuls to get it to flame!!!Here's SP using a match, trying to get the brandy to flame.It wasn't working very well. We couldn't find our plastic lighter and that would've been much better than our kitchen matches because we could have kept the heat/flame constant. SP kept having to light a new match!!! Eventually we got a small cherries flaming:But for the most part, it looked like this:Oh well! A small flame is better than no flame. We scooped the cherries over the homemade vanilla ice cream:My niece and nephew from GA didn't want any cherries, but they loved the ice cream. Niece kept sneaking small tastes all afternoon and nephew decided to make sure we didn't waste any:Yes. He literally licked the bowl.

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  1. Mmm, with homemade vanilla ice cream, who wouldn't want to lick the bowl? I'm glad you guys tried to light your cherries jubilee. Anytime I've tried to make it, we've added the brandy then wussed out.