Friday, December 3, 2010

The Cracked Egg

I can't really say that The Cracked Egg is my favorite breakfast place in Las Vegas because that implies that I've tried other breakfast places that haven't been as tasty as The Cracked Egg. The truth is, The Cracked Egg is the only breakfast place at which I've eaten in Las Vegas - and it's still as tasty as it was 2+ years ago.

The Cracked Egg started out with one location in Las Vegas. Now there are 4, I think. I have always eaten at the one in the Cheyenne Food Court on Cheyenne Avenue. Inside, it's warm and cozy. There is a shelf that runs around the perimeter up towards the ceiling. On that shelf are figurines of roosters and chickens.

Like many diners, The Cracked Egg has breakfast foods and lunch foods plus a new 'Gluten Sensitive Menu.' Depending on which breakfast dish you order, you have a choice of seasoned potatoes or hash browns and toast or coffee cake. There's omelets, scrambles, breakfast sandwiches, griddle goodies like pancakes, tortilla creations, skillets (seasoned potatoes topped with eggs and your choice of filling like bacon or spinach, etc.), sandwiches, salads, burgers... lots of choices.I always choose the coffee cake over toast. Some people rave about this coffee cake. I can't say it's the best coffee cake I've ever eaten, but it is a nice change from the usual breakfast side of toast/english muffin/bagel. I've probably eaten at The Cracked Egg 7 or 8 times. The coffee cake is always the same basic white batter. But the flavor addition changes daily. My favorite was the cinnamon. I've also had peach. This time, it was banana. Not my favorite flavor, but SP really enjoyed it. This was the first time he could enjoy the coffee cake (this was our first time in Las Vegas since he was officially declared not allergic to gluten). The coffee cake is always served warm - a nice touch - and before your entree, which I like. It's sort of like an appetizer, or maybe dessert first?SP chose The Californian Omelet (bacon, avocado, jack cheese) with seasoned potatoes. I didn't take any photos of the interior of our egg meals. Yes, that is half an avocado on top - yum! He enjoyed his omelet and potatoes, although the portion was so large he couldn't quite finish everything on his plate.I chose the South Shore Scramble (3 eggs, scrambled, with chicken, bacon, Swiss, avocado) and I chose hash browns instead of seasoned potatoes. I love these hash browns - especially the crispy brown bits! There's nothing extra special about them, no secret ingredient/flavoring, they're just yummy. My eggs had the bacon and chicken mixed into them, the Swiss cheese was melted on top of the 3 scrambled eggs, and then the half an avocado placed on top.

I love the South Shore Scramble. There was a generous amount of cheese, but not so much that it was greasy. Lots of cubed chicken and crumbled bacon. Plus the avocado. I couldn't eat everything on my plate, either. I did eat all the avocado and I picked out as much of the chicken and bacon as I could!

My decaf coffee was tasty. The sugar & 'fake' sugars are on the table along with those little single serve 'capsules' of cream. SP enjoyed his iced tea. Drinks are promptly refilled. The staff is friendly. You don't feel rushed. A great place to have a large breakfast.

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