Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Hockey Night

This past Monday evening, I went to my first Penguins game at the new arena, Consol Energy Center. Mom, dad, and I met up with SP, had some 'hockey food' for dinner, and watched the Pens beat the Phoenix Coyotes 6-1.

Lots of other bloggers have posted about how great Consol Energy Center is. I agree. It's much nicer than Mellon Arena. From my perspective, that of being in a wheelchair, it is amazingly better than the arena. We bought the 'cheaper' ($55/ticket) seats and were seated at the very top of section 228, which is at one end of the rink. Even though we were as high up as you could be, it was easy to see the game and follow the puck.

The seats are staggered at a steeper incline than usual so when people stand up to cheer, my view is no longer blocked. Yay! Also, the way they have the handicap seating 'balcony' set out and over the seats below a bit, well, no more people wandering by and leaning on the back of my wheelchair (seriously, people have done this), no more people thinking I am just 'hanging out' in that area when it is really my assigned seat and crowding up next to and behind me and jostling me around, no more people tripping over my wheels as they attempt to inch by other people milling about -- it was so much more pleasant than any other Pens game/concert I attended at the old arena.

And did I mention the great employees? The ushers were so helpful, talkative, friendly. No grumpy, grinchy people!

On to the food! We decided to eat dinner at the game since we had to leave Robinson so early (around 5:15 pm) and SP was coming directly from work. Is the food expensive? Well, compared to what you could buy in a grocery store or at a restaurant serving similar food, sure. Compared to food at other sports arena, amusement parks, I'd say probably not.

Mom got some chicken tenders & fries:The fries were OK. They were fat fries, and I prefer skinny fries. She said her tenders were OK, a bit dry, but then again, they make the food ahead of time and it sits out, so...

Dad got pulled pork nachos:A pretty large portion for one person. Nacho chips slathered with gooey nacho cheese and chunks of pulled pork. Served with a fork!! He enjoyed them.

SP and I shared an order of pulled pork nachos, but SP got jalapenos on ours. He ate all the jalapenos! These were yummy. A bit messy. The chips on the bottom got a wee bit soft/soggy from the cheese, but soggy meant that, in a way, they were a bit easier to eat.Later on, SP & I shared a soft pretzel, which was OK. It was cold, but maybe it got cold on his walk back from the pretzel place to our seats. Our nachos, a soda, soft pretzel, and a bottled water cost us $21-22.

Definitely a terrific new home for the Pittsburgh Penguins.


  1. Whoa totally jealous! We're hoping to drive in and hit a game in Feb. I'm so stoked! Hubs has never been to a live hockey game before and I can't wait for him to go. :D

  2. The nachos were really good, but I liked the kielbasa grinder I had at my first game even better!

  3. Our whole family is going to a game next week (my first at The Consol!) but the kids don't know it yet! I can't wait! Go Pens!