Monday, January 24, 2011

Steelers & Hoagies

Last night was the BIG GAME. The one between the Steelers & Jets to see which team would advance to the Super Bowl. So we wanted a very quick & easy dinner: hoagies.

Our hoagies had Boars Head rosemary ham (sooo good), capacola, provolone, a bit of Jarlsberg, lettuce, tomatoes, Italian dressing (homemade; olive oil, red wine vinegar, oregano, and pepper), and sauteed mushrooms. SP sauteed the mushrooms and then added in a splash of the red wine were drinking plus some sour cream.The mushrooms are pinkish in color because of the red wine mixed with sour cream. I had a white hoagie roll. SP had a hoagie roll with poppy seeds on it. Tasty hoagies. Definitely good football food.

Then we settled in for the game. During the game we munched on some cheeses: aged hard Gouda, Jarlsberg, and Champagne Cheddar. Yum!

After much stress, moaning, cheering, and throwing of the smasher football, the Steelers won!!! Let the non-stop Steelers news coverage begin!


  1. Ooh, thinking about your Super Bowl menu yet? I'm definitely making seitan hot "wings" but not sure what else. Maybe dairy-free pierogi?

  2. Forkedpgh: I was thinking pierogies. Since we'll be in the basement I was thinking slow cooker food, like pulled pork, but then I thought maybe chipped ham BBQ. Playing GB is a good 'excuse' to have something cheesy like a cheese fondue - I'd like to try that again after our Christmas Eve fondue fail!

  3. Perfect football food! Love that you included Jarlsberg in both your hoagies and as a snack. It's great for a toasted hoagie, as it's such a nice melting cheese. And who can resist Jarlsberg straight up or on crackers? Maybe this needs to be recreated now that college basketball is heating up!

    Here are some more great Jarlsberg recipes to try: