Monday, January 17, 2011

Steelers & Picasso Pizza

Last Saturday afternoon, we settled on the couch to watch the Steelers play the Ravens. This was a playoff game, so none of our usual cooking or doing other chores while watching the game. No reading a book or doing crossword puzzles or working on a cross-stitch. Just the game.

How serious were we? Very. Serious enough to get out our jerseys: #43 Polamalu for me; #83 Miller for SP. I think I had only worn my jersey once this past regular season. We had both our Terrible Towels ready to be waved, my talking Steelers football smasher ready to smash and talk. I had my foam Bad Call Brick. I had on my thick and warm Steelers socks. My water in the Steelers glass (the wine was in a regular wine glass!). The playoffs are serious business - especially when the Steelers are playing the much despised division rival Ravens.

Unfortunately, the first half was not such a great half for Steelers fans. There was not much towel waving. Not many whoops and shrieks. Sigh. We were kind of sad and subdued and we got up from the couch a bit before halftime to fold laundry and get pizza for dinner.

We had an Entertainment Book coupon for Picasso Pizza in Kennedy Twp. Buy one large gourmet pizza, get one free, pick up only. Sounded like a good deal to us!

We ate at Picasso Pizza sometime last fall and enjoyed the Garden Veggie pizza and Sicilian pizza. This time, we chose the Pizza Prosciutto:And the Margarita:The Pizza Prosciutto had fresh mozzarella, prosciutto, and caramelized onions topped with greens and olive oil:Of the two, this was our favorite. The caramelized onions provided a nice, sweet contrast to the salty prosciutto. Yum!

The Margarita had fresh whole milk mozzarella, tomatoes, basil, and light tomato sauce drizzled with olive oil:It was very tasty. I was a little surprised that the basil had been cooked on the pizza and not sprinkled on after, but thankfully, it wasn't crispy burnt like the time we made pizza and put our basil on top and then cooked the pizza, resulting in horrible hard basil!

We still like our local Pizza Milano a lot, but Picasso Pizza is also very, very good.

We started wolfing down our pizza part way through the third quarter. Nerds that we are, we were recording the game, so I paused it at the start of the second half since SP wasn't yet home from his pizza run. When he got home, we grabbed some pizza and started watching the third quarter, fast-forwarding between plays and through the commercials. In no time we were caught up to the 'live' game and we were feeling much better. Not only were our bellies full of very tasty pizza, but our Steelers were making a comeback!

It was tense, but in the end we got to whoop and holler and twirl our towels and throw the football around to celebrate a Steelers victory. Next up: the NY Jets.

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