Saturday, January 22, 2011

Week Alone

Now that SP is on an airplane, I can write about my week home alone! I try to find a balance between how much I reveal and how much I keep 'secret' on the blog, mostly because in the back of my mind are those news stories about crazy people getting enough information about you from your blog to steal your identity or break into your house or... whatever. Yes, I can be a little paranoid. But as a small girl in a wheelchair, I thought it would be better to not write last Monday about how I'm home alone all week and all the cookies we baked were SP's way of making sure my sweet tooth was satisfied and the 2 large pizzas were so I had pizza during the week and the huge casserole of macaroni and cheese was my dinner all week!!!I spent a lot of time this week at the kitchen table, gazing out the window, enjoying the woods and wildlife and snow. Our 'backyard' is really a steep woods-like slope down. In summer, it's like we're in the country because the trees have leaves and hide the housing development down the hill and we can't even see our neighbors' homes. In winter, the trees are bare and we have a lovely view of the brand spanking new McMansions . We saw some truly 'spectacular' holiday light displays!

Last Sunday I sat at the table to chop vegetables for the macaroni and cheese. I was sipping some wine and I took a break from chopping & sipping to survey the nature scene out the window - the crazy squirrels leaping from tree to tree, and the birds on the tree in the above photo. So many of them! They zipped in large groups from tree to tree - it's so interesting to watch one bird start the migration and then suddenly, a flock of birds swarms over to another tree. In the photo, you can see the moon in the background on the right. For some reason, I love when I can see the moon during the day!!! I love sitting at the kitchen table in front of the huge window, sipping tea, and gazing out at the sky and trees and just zoning out. Sometimes I give the cardinal the evil eye, hoping he'll get the message and stop smacking into our basement window. I saw him today in the 'pea pod' tree. I guess these frigid temperatures don't bother him!

Anyway, I haven't had any company at the table this week. SP has been in CA for his new job. At first, it just seemed like a normal work day even though I knew he was gone. I took over the table - laptop, papers, magazines. No need to clear off the table/tidy up for dinner. I read blogs while I ate. But as soon as it was dark outside, I imagined monsters lurking around every corner and every house creak made me jump. I slept with my stuffed frog on SP's pillow. How old am I??? By Wednesday evening, I was bored and missing my sweetie and feeling so very alone. It's not like I had a shortage of mini projects/hobbies - I organized all the recipe clippings I've gathered since September, I scanned some old family photos, I read, watched some movies. But even though I had plenty to occupy my time, the house was so empty and I felt so alone.

But I survived my first ever time alone in the house - no problems, no mishaps. Before SP, I had lived on my own since I was 17, but in dorms and apartment complexes. A house seems more... vulnerable? Isolated? There's no neighbors right across the hall, no emergency maintenance number to call. Ever since SP and I moved into this house 2.5 years ago, we've never spent a night apart. It's not the most horrible thing to sleep alone - it was nice to not need ear plugs to block out the snoring - but I am ready for him to be home! I'm again at the kitchen table as I write this, gazing out at the lovely 6 inches of snow that has not been shoveled because, well, I can't shovel snow and I'm wondering if sunshine can melt snow even if it's only 1 degree outside (and that doesn't factor in the windchill!). I'm hoping SP has enough layers since he's coming from sunny 60+ degree weather to frigid, cover up all body parts or else they'll freeze and fall off weather!!! I'm wondering where all the birds are - just bare branches today. Most of all, I am anxious for my sweetie to be home. Home alone is only OK for a few days.


  1. I'm glad that you were able to last the week without the dear SP. Let's home he brings home lots of good feelings for you and possibly warm weather for everyone. ^_^

  2. He brought home good feelings and some presents but no warm sunshine :( Spring can't come soon enough.

  3. sounds like you had a nice calm week at home! i am working like crazy right now so your description of your time spent in the kitchen sounds very appealing!

  4. Love your picture of the birds, tree and moon! Cool! Glad SP is home!