Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Breakfast At Pamela's

SP and I had a very long day out & about last Saturday. It was more than just the usual errands. It had to do with "Project New Flooring." We've been conducting research since last September and you might be thinking, well gosh, does it really take 6 months to pick out flooring??? Well yes, it does, especially when you're talking about spending lots of money. You want to be sure. It's not like, oh, oops, these jeans make my butt look bad, I'll return them to the store and get a refund or pick out a different pair. If we don't like how our new floors look, it'll be a costly mistake that we will have to live with the rest of our lives because no way are we spending this kind of money on new floors again in our lifetimes!

There are lots of related issues to sort out, like should the shoe moulding match the baseboard or floor? What color should the baseboards be (some of ours are white, some are light ivory, depending on which room). Several flooring people have advised us to get a new dishwasher because if the old one breaks and floods, well, we'll have ruined brand new hardwood floors. And then there are other projects that you want to do before the new hardwood goes in so as to minimize scratches/dents in the brand new floors. Like a new front door since the current one is a darn drafty door. I could go on and on... but I won't! Instead, I'll go on and on about the breakfast we ate before tackling our home improvement errands.We were headed out to a lumber store in the South Park/Bethel Park area, so we decided to have breakfast on the way. Or at least a loosely defined on the way since going from Robinson to South Park/Bethel Park doesn't really have a good direct route with stuff conveniently located directly on the way. We decided to give Pamela's in Mt. Lebanon a try. We've both eaten at Pamela's before, but not at the Mt. Lebanon location. I've only eaten at Pamela's once before and that was 10 years ago at the Squirrel Hill location.

On a not too cold but kind of damp Saturday morning, we arrived around 10:30. Warning: the parking lot to the left of the building is not a very good parking lot. It's tiny. Cramped. Sloped. And there are a lot of potholes and chunks of asphalt strewn about. We finally managed to wedge ourselves into a space with enough room to get the wheelchair out. But SP did stumble on a pothole/chunk of asphalt and twisted his ankle. Inside it's rather cheerful. Pink & green. Diner-ish. Strange amoeba like shapes hanging from the ceiling. It was crowded, but there were still three available tables. We were seated right away and a very friendly server took our drink order. We both ordered decaf coffee to warm up.The creamer is in a small pitcher on the table. The coffee cups are different colors. Mine was green. They're also made of that plastic that doesn't heat up so you can immediately and without fear of burns grab it. This made me a little sad since I mostly ordered coffee to warm my hands but the mug didn't get warm! The coffee is just OK, not the best.

I kept looking around at the crowded tables, the pictures on the walls, and the floor. The floor is the original Italian marble:Pamela's is known for their thin crepe-like pancakes. If you live in Pittsburgh, you probably heard that President Obama enjoyed their pancakes while on a campaign stop in Pittsburgh and liked them so much that the owners were asked to prepare their pancakes at the White House for a Memorial Day 2009 celebration. So of course we had to order them. But neither of us wanted just pancakes. So we ordered 'The Morning After' - two eggs, your choice of bacon or sausage, and pancakes ($6.95).

My specific order was bacon and scrambled eggs:With plain pancakes:And SP's specific order was dippy eggs with sausage:And blueberry pancakes:The pancakes are thin, and very large in diameter. I ate mine with just a bit of butter, no syrup. That's because I can never manage to use syrup and not get sticky. I didn't want to get sticky! There was no way I wanted to try to get through the small spaces between tables to the bathroom to un-sticky myself!!

The pancakes are tasty. I think mine had a hint of vanilla. I like the crispy edges. SP liked his blueberry ones. We both also enjoyed our eggs and meat.

I read several reviews on urbanspoon that mentioned bad service. We did not have bad service. In fact, several servers who were not our initial server kept our coffee cups filled. Our 'main server' was very friendly and cheerful. There was silverware and napkins on our table, the menus were on the table, and our food didn't arrive too fast or after a long wait.

Pamela's is cash only, but... I'm not sure why so many people complained about that. We almost always make a trip to the bank for cash before we go to a diner (Bob's, Dor-Stop, JoJo's, Pamela's, Tom's Diner...). Maybe the other places do take credit cards and we just always assume they don't, but...

We had a very tasty breakfast with nice service.

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  1. I live right up the road from the Mt. Lebo Pam's, but I'm a Dor-Stop girl as of these days, when I make it out for breakfast, so I haven't been there in a while. It's not bad, though. Of the Pamela's, it's my favorite because it's not usually as crazy as the other locations, and it has the ceiling porkchops.

  2. Glad you could reward yourself with a properly eggy breakfast after a home renovation milestone! Love the little details -- the marble floor, the neat pattern on the tabletop. Everything looks delicious, especially the crispy edges on the pancakes. Thanks for the post and happy spooning! Cheers, Christine {at} urbanspoon {dot} com