Saturday, February 19, 2011

Chocolate Souffle

Last Valentine's Day, SP made me chocolate souffle for dessert. It was really good and we often talked about making it again but never did. Until this past Valentine's Day. I guess maybe we're starting a Valentine's dessert tradition? Same recipe, same chocolaty goodness as last year. This time they puffed up more in the ramekins and spilled over the sides and then collapsed a bit more. But still yummy.


  1. I have yet to attempt a souffle, so I applaud those who try. Somehow I just know I'll screw it up. My fear isn't it collapsing, but it failing to inflate at all. What is the secret to a successful souffle?

  2. They look so pretty! Souffle always does. I agree and want to do a Nicle + G + me meet-up... Let me see what happens over the course of this next week and we can start to plan via e-mail!

  3. forkedpgh: I'm not sure we know the secret! I know the 'trick' is beating the egg whites just right, but it's so hard to judge. Too little beating and it won't rise. Too much and it'll crack - which I guess is what we did since it cracked on top. But it still tasted really good!