Wednesday, February 9, 2011

DeBlasio's Restaurant

Saturday evening SP and I decided to take advantage of another Entertainment Book coupon and try DeBlasio's in Virginia Manor in Mt. Lebanon. DeBlasio's has been around for quite some time. I can remember dining there with my mom when I moved back to Pittsburgh, so about 15 years ago. When you enter, there are two doors. The dining room is through the door on the left. I believe the bar area is through the door on the right.We were seated right away. It was a bit before 6 pm on a Saturday evening. DeBlasio's is dimly lit inside. There are pictures painted on the walls, some mirrors. some wreaths (we spent some time debating whether they were year round wreaths or simply holiday wreaths not yet taken down). This is not a young, hip, urban crowd. This is an older suburban crowd. Some older ladies having dinner with their lady friends, older couples dining out, groups of friends, some families. There are booths and tables. We sat at a table near the entrance, which isn't my favorite spot in a restaurant, but the only tables open were near the entrance. Neither of us wanted alcoholic beverages, so we ordered our usual: iced tea. Happily, fresh brewed. When our server noticed that SP drinks a lot of iced tea, she left a carafe of it on our table. This was quite useful - especially since it was busy enough that our server was dashing about so this meant we didn't have to wait for refills.Soon enough a bread basket arrived, filled with bread treats and small packages of butter pats. Some white bread - soft and spongy inside, which was fine, but not a great crust. The kind of crust I don't like very much - kinda chewy and softish. It wasn't warm bread, but I did enjoy the soft interiors. I really enjoyed the sticks of fried bread/dough dusted with salt.We aren't sure what these are, other than tasty and probably not very healthy!! They were warm. Almost like donuts. But sprinkled with salt - so salty. Salty donuts? Maybe. I couldn't stop eating them.We decided to share an appetizer of Stuffed Mushroom Caps: The mushroom caps were of varying sizes but look at those mounds of crab. Was it all filler and just a little crab? No:Tasty mushroom caps. Not much else to say - they were very basic, no souped up filling or gourmet sauces, just good old mushrooms caps stuffed with crabmeat, a bit of melted butter in the bottom of the dish, and lemon wedges to squeeze over the crab.

SP ordered a cup of the soup du jour: Manhattan Clam Chowder:He really enjoyed this. He said there were lots of large bits of clam and that it was a good soup he would order again.

Tossed salad comes with the entrees:I thought the pickled beet was a nice extra and unexpected touch even if I don't much care for pickled beets. Two regular black olives, two grape tomatoes, shredded carrots, a vinaigrette, and greens. Mostly iceberg mixed with a bit of other greens. Truthfully, the salad underwhelmed me. I'm not sure why, all I can think is that the greens were not very tasty. I know, how can you expect lettuce to actually have flavor, right? But it does, kind of, and the iceberg and the greens just weren't too flavorful to me.

For my entree I chose a special of the day: Veal Oscar:Three nicely cooked asparagus spears, several very thin breaded veal medallions, a bunch of crabmeat, and a bearnaise sauce. Or at least I assumed it'd be a bearnaise sauce because that's usually the sauce for Veal Oscar. This was more of a cheesy bearnaise sauce - not what I expected but not bad, but I think I would have enjoyed a regular bearnaise sauce more. Overall, this was a tasty dish. I ate a bit more than half and brought the rest home.

Each entree has a choice of side: pasta, potato or vegetable. I debated, knowing I should be good and get the vegetable, but in the end, I couldn't resist pasta. The side was penne with a marinara. Nothing out of this world amazing, but quite tasty.
SP chose Linguine with Red Clam Sauce and Shrimp:It was an ENORMOUS bowl of pasta! He said it was very good and had nice chunks of clam:This is the kind of pasta dish where you eat and eat and eat and you are stuffed, yet it looks like you didn't eat anything, like the pasta is regenerating, like some mythological hydra: eat one strand of linguine and two more appear on your plate. Before:After:He brought home quite the pile of leftover pasta!

We were too full for dessert, plus we had the Bethel Bakery cupcakes and yum yums at home.

We both enjoyed our meals at DeBlasio's and would go back. Our server was friendly but not too chatty - she was kept pretty darn busy by her customers and the busy restaurant. Other servers cleared dishes, which was nice. The menu is the pretty standard family/Italian type menu with pasta, seafood, veal, steak, and chicken entree choices; there is a kids menu; the portions are generous and reasonably priced. There are also 'Early Bird' specials from 4 pm - 6:30 pm -- the meals range from $12.95-$18.95 and include soup, salad, bread, entree, side pasta, and ice cream or sherbet for dessert. Our Entertainment Book coupon was buy one entree get up to $10 off another. If I hadn't ordered an expensive meal (veal and crab are expensive!) it would have cost a lot less. As it was, our bill (food, tax, tip, and the coupon) was about $60.

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  1. The stuffed mushrooms and the giant asparagus stalks atop your veal had me in an instant. Why do I not take more advantage of the fabulous Mt. Lebanon dining when I live just down the road? It's madness!

    Have I mentioned lately that you two really know how to live?