Friday, February 25, 2011

Vanilla Pastry Studio

Earlier this week I wrote about being crabby and having the winter blahs. One night, I was sitting in my office, talking on the phone, feeling kinda crabby, and gazing out the window. All of a sudden, I heard THUNK behind me.

I barely reacted. All I could do was sigh heavily, shut my eyes, and think, oh great, what now? What fell? And then I realized, well, what could possibly fall? We moved the extra bed out of my office in January so that we could put a project table in my office. The table is loaded with boxes of photos, but nothing that could fall. It wasn't a photo frame. Not a lamp. So, after a few minutes, working up the 'courage' to see what had happened, I finally swiveled around. And saw this:And I burst out laughing. That, dear readers, is a stuffed animal. Specifically, a stuffed beaver. Who the heck has a stuffed beaver? Me. I attended an elementary school whose mascot was Bradford Beaver. One day, during one of my many eye exams when I was in 1st or 2nd grade, we were at yet another hospital (Children's maybe, maybe Eye & Ear Hospital) and 'wasting' time in the gift shop. My mom & I saw this stuffed beaver. Mom told me it was Bradford and if I was a good girl and didn't freak out when they put drops in my eyes and examined them for the umpteenth time, she'd buy me Bradford Beaver. I said OK. I think I really wanted a stuffed frog or teddy bear, but the way my parents raised me, if you were offered a stuffed beaver, you gratefully took it, you didn't plead for the frog instead.

And that is how I ended up with Bradford Beaver, who is 30 something years old now.

Two of our three bedrooms have a shelf running along the top of one wall. In his office, SP uses his shelf to display his amusement park mug collection. I decided to put my stuffed animals on my shelf. My Raggedy Ann from when I was a little girl, one of my grandmother's teddy bears I got when she died, my Mickey & Minnie from my 2 trips to Disney, and several others. Including Bradford Beaver. He fell from quite a height:Poor guy. I guess he can't take the winter anymore, either. I figure he either tried to commit suicide, the stink bugs are getting really aggressive, or Eddie the Cat got mad at him and pushed him off. The end result: Bradford did a face plant into the floor.

And it cracked me up. For some reason, I thought it was so funny to see him planted face down on the floor. Bradford and my laughing snapped me out of my crabby funk.

Good news: Bradford survived. I hugged him and made sure he was OK. No burst seams or stuffing spills. SP put him back up on the shelf.And then I went in the kitchen to eat a cupcake! The cupcake might have helped improve my mood, too. SP decided I needed a special treat, so he brought home a cupcake from Vanilla Pastry Studio. A chocolate-chocolate cupcake.
Oh. My. This cupcake was so moist. The icing so wonderfully rich and chocolaty. This blows away the Dozen cupcakes. Soooo good.Of course now SP has created a monster. I've been pestering him about when I'm going to get my next Vanilla Pastry Studio cupcake. I highly recommend trying one, if you haven't yet.


  1. A few years back, when I started getting passionate about baking, my SP arranged for me and a friend to spend the morning with April, the chief sugar fairy, from Vanilla Pastry Studio, for my birthday. Back then, the shop was in a different location. We made cake, and Swiss meringue buttercream, and truffles, and cookies. It was the best birthday present ever. Everything she makes is unbelievable!

  2. Marzipan: That sounds like an amazing experience! A behind the scenes look and hands on experience!