Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Sunshine Sunday

Last Sunday morning we got up early (early for us on a Sunday) and tried to push the memory of Pitt's basketball game from our minds. The sunny skies helped. We showered and headed out to our youngest nephew's 3rd birthday party - it started at 10:30 am!!! It was a fun time, filled with snacks I usually try to avoid, like potato chips with onion dip - so good! I couldn't stop eating the chips & dip! I remarked to SP that that is exactly why I won't let him keep those things in the house - I cannot control myself! We made a couple quick stops on the way home from the party and finally got home a little after 3 pm. I was kind of hungry, my mom was hungry, and SP felt like a snack, so I got out a package of cheese SP bought at Costco a couple weekends ago:Irish cheeses! I suppose Costco stocked these for St. Patrick's Day. I sliced some of these 3 cheeses plus some of the leftover extra hard aged gouda from Costco and made a mini cheese plate:We enjoyed our cheese with rosemary baguette from Giant Eagle Market District:The rosemary baguette was good, but not as good as the olive baguette. The cheeses were tasty. My favorite, and my mom's favorite, was the whiskey cheddar followed by the aged wine cheddar and then the porter.Happily, SP liked the porter best, so that works out nicely!

Remember me saying we were going to be busy with Project Flooring and probably not cooking anything exciting, just very simple dishes, maybe just a roast chicken or pasta? Well, Sunday night was roast chicken night!Our usual lemon & onion stuffed roasted chicken. This one turned out much, much, much moister and tastier than the one we made a few weeks ago that didn't really thaw in time! A close up of the meat plate:And of course a vegetable -- but not fresh vegetable, frozen vegetable:Easy and tasty.

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