Monday, April 4, 2011

Day 11

It's been a whole week since last I blogged - I think that's the longest between posts I've ever had. Today is Day 11 of Project Flooring with another 2-3 days to go and maybe a day or 2 next week. It's taking much longer than I anticipated and we've encountered a few issues and added a few things to the project. Here's what life has been like:

1. Project Flooring Or maybe I should just call it Project Home Improvement, since it's not just flooring. The sun room tile is finished except for sealing the grout. All the hardwood is in. As I type this post, the baseboards, shoe moulding, and chair rail are being installed. The new front door is installed and the new trim is being installed today. The new baseboard registers are on. The French doors are back ordered so they won't be installed until the end of this week/early next week. The cracks have been patched, mudded, and sanded and are in the process of being painted. And last but not least, the kitchen cabinet doors were removed today and are out for refinishing, to be returned and remounted next Monday (hopefully).

As with any home project, there were unknown factors/additions to the project and some quirky discoveries - like that the previous front door was not installed properly and that there was indeed original hardwood under all our floors.

I've been pretty much living in my office all day long since the couch cushions are in our bedroom and the couch is in sections in the center of the living room. The kitchen table is buried under the couch cushions in our bedroom. The TV is also in our bedroom, squished between the wall and the bed. The other entertainment electronics are sprinkled throughout the house, some in SP's office, some downstairs. The dining room and sun room furniture are all in the sun room. So I feel a bit like I've been in jail! Only able to be in one room!

Have I mentioned that the workers start at 7 am? That's very early for me. Have I mentioned the compressor noise, the nail gun noise, the hammering noise, the sawing noise, and the country music radio noise? Yes. Life has been... different the past 11 work days! Thank goodness I have a lot of ear plugs!2. What About Food?

We've done some cooking but nothing fancy, nothing new & exciting, all dishes I've blogged about before - and I haven't been taking any food photos because most of the time, I'm not sure where in the chaos the camera actually is. My purse? The usual basket? On my desk? In a desk drawer? Who knows? I'm lucky I can get to the dresser for clean underwear.

Last week we made large quantities of the Crab, Artichoke, Orzo Salad and Vegetable Soup and ate those 2 things all week. Yesterday we made Pulled Pork in the crock pot so we'll be eating pulled pork with cole slaw some nights this week and on other nights we'll be making salads with hard boiled egg and pre-cooked shrimp.

3. What About Dining Out or Weekend Fun?

Well there has not been much time for fun since most of our evenings are spent cleaning up all the construction dust and examining the new floor. We're driving ourselves crazy thinking every little fuzzy we see is a dent or scratch in the new floor. We bought a Swiffer and today I used it for the first time. I've never used one before!

This past weekend was Z's bridal shower. It was at Olive Garden in Green Tree. I didn't take any food photos. My mother-in-law was there plus it didn't feel right to be food blogging about Z's shower food! I had some salad and chose the mushroom stuffed ravioli, which were good. The cake was from Oakmont Bakery and was a white cake with strawberry filling between the layers.

Since EPAS was in town, and since the men weren't at the bridal shower, we all met up at Bocktown for dinner later that evening. I ordered my 'usual' Bocktown Burgher with chicken breast. I also tried the soup of the day, a creamy tomato soup and it was pretty tasty. Not what I expected since the tomatoes were not pureed smooth - there were large chunks of tomato in the soup.

The rest of the weekend 'fun' was doing laundry, more cleaning, and putting together a new TV stand. Whoo - aren't we exciting! Oh, and we watched '127 Hours' which was a good movie.

I'll post more home improvement photos and stories later -- this post would probably be 5 times as long as it is if I shared some of the 'old home quirk' stories now! I promise that at some point soon we will get back to cooking and dining out - - especially since we owe my mom a nice thank you dinner somewhere and we have our one year wedding anniversary coming up soon. SP and I have had a lot of difficult issues lately (the home project spiraling to unplanned cost levels and then, after we started the project and added to it, we received the notice of the property assessment appeal being appealed at the second level (it was denied at the first level), the level where we have what amounts to a trial and we need to find a lawyer ASAP and we could end up paying higher taxes retroactively to the date the first appeal was filed plus there's been family issues, some issues which directly impact us and which have been incredibly hurtful and difficult to deal with).

In the midst of my mini breakdown and tears over some issues on Saturday, I asked him if he thought we'd make it 15 more days to the one year mark or if he wanted to chuck it all and not deal anymore!!! He laughed at me and said of course we'd make it - which I never really doubted, I just felt really, really overwhelmed with everything and like I was going to suffocate under the weight of everything. And he assured me that all will be OK, even if there's a dent in the new floor, even if we owe a bunch of property tax because the people at Montour School District are weenies.

Off on a tangent, and a rant, did anyone see that great article in yesterday's paper about Montour's $28.7 million surplus that, oh, oops we didn't know we had that $28.7 million but we're going to reassess all home sales anyway and suck more money out of residents during the economic downturn - and the residents shouldn't mind paying more money to a school district that cannot manage money/keep track of it and we need a new football stadium because when it comes to schooling, sports should take priority over academics...Grrrrr. And yes, we have been here for 3 years this coming summer and this whole property assessment appeal thing is still going on.

Late Saturday night I had some tasty tea and some peach pie from Bethel Bakery and felt better.

To end on a bright note: we have our 2011 CSA to look forward to - it starts next week! So even if we're not back to cooking, I can blog about our CSA goodies!


  1. The important thing to remember when going through difficulties and troubles with a partner is that you're sharing these experiences as much you would share the good times with one another. In the end, hard times strengthen bonds by adding layers of understanding and empathy to an already deeply-set bond.

    SP is right: Everything will be okay. Except for the weather, which will never be okay, I'm convinced. Is there a Doomsday weather machine at force here that I was unaware of? Seriously, what the hell?

  2. Hugs to you and SP! Looks like you're closing in on the home project, and I hope that the taxes thing works out in the long run. Frustrating, I know.

    Maybe it's time for a cupcake for both of you - sounds like you surely deserve one!