Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Bunny

Happy Easter! What's Easter without some candy from the Easter Bunny? Here's what the bunny brought me (a few days early):

Sarris Cappuccino Egg! And a bag of Sarris Goofs!I like to keep the goofs in a small container and use a knife to cut each piece in half. That way, I know what's inside before I take a bite and discover it's a gross flavor like coconut. I hate coconut - and one bag of the goofs had 5 or 6 coconut candies! Yuck!!!

But the cappuccino egg... so good.

What a great bunny.


  1. Both look delicious! Mmm, Cappucino!!

  2. I've always wanted to buy the goofs but have been afraid for the same reason you cite: coconut. If I got a whole bag of coconut goofs it'd be enough to almost turn me off of Sarris chocolate.

    I like your strategy of cutting into each one first with a knife. I go with the "poke hole in the bottom with a finger" strategy; yours is much more sanitary and neat.