Wednesday, April 13, 2011


I can't remember how I first learned of a new place in Squirrel Hill called Waffalonia. In Pittsburgh Magazine? From a blog? In the newspaper? From the City Paper? It doesn't matter. The fact of the matter is, ever since I heard of Waffalonia, I have been wanting a waffle from them. We aren't in/near Squirrel Hill that often, so I was especially bothered a few weeks ago when we were nearby but decided to be responsible and head home to do the grocery shopping instead of spending time eating waffles when we weren't really hungry. I could hear the waffles calling to me, and yet I turned away. Well, SP drove away, telling me I didn't need a waffle after all the birthday cake and chips & dip I had just consumed at our youngest nephew's birthday party. I guess SP is the diet police.

But this past weekend, not only were we in Squirrel Hill, but we were dining at Rose Tea Cafe which is right up the street from Waffalonia. We passed the waffles on our walk to dinner. Waffle smell filled the air. I may have started drooling. I ate as little dinner as possible so as to have enough room for a waffle. I had been talking about waffles all day and SP had been promising me waffles all day.Waffalonia is a tiny place. I think I read that it was formerly a Dozen Cupcakes location. Once you enter into the narrow entrance way, the ordering counter is on the right. Directly in front of my face was a tower of Nutella.I had heard stories of the magic of nutella, but I had never tried it. It was pretty easy for me to decide to order a waffle with nutella.It was good. Very good. But not mind blowingly must come here every single time we are within 2 miles good. And nutella is good, but I just didn't quite have that... foodgasm over it the way other people seem to. SP got a waffle with strawberries and whipped cream:He enjoyed it. The waffles were a tasty dessert. Sweet and sugary. I've never eaten liege waffles or even any kind of waffle in Belgium, just Americanized Belgian waffles, so I really can't judge if these are authentic or not. It was a little difficult to eat our waffle choices since the space is so small and there aren't any tables, just bar stools and a few shallow shelf counters along the walls, and our waffles required forks and knives and napkins. Lots of napkins. I think I dripped nutella on my shirt. Oops. Can't take me anywhere.

But it was worth it. We'll be back. After all, there's lot of other toppings to try, and the speculoos flavor intrigues me.

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  1. You know what is better than cupcakes? Waffles. I am so excited for Waffalonia. I have been waffle deprived ever since my poor, abused waffle maker decided to finally quit on me. I never even got to make the chocolate beer waffles from "Vegan Brunch"... Sigh... I wonder if this place will have beer waffles.