Sunday, April 17, 2011

A Year Ago...

One year ago today, pretty much as I type this post and I see that it is 4 pm, my dad walked me down the aisle at Old St. Luke's Church in Carnegie and SP & I got married. I can't believe we've been married an entire year - it has flown by. Friday after work, SP arrived home with a surprise for me: 2 dozen red roses.So sweet! And unexpected. At the wedding, we had peach & cream roses for my bouquet and the centerpieces: Yesterday morning, we got out the frozen top layer from the wedding cake. This is what the entire cake looked like one year ago, minus the first slice we cut:And these are several shots of what the top tier looks like today:A mangled mess. And no, this didn't just happen.We made the mistake of returning home from the wedding and placing the cake's top tier on the kitchen counter. We didn't bother freezing it right away. Sometime the next day, April 18, we noticed large grease spots on the side of the cake box. We opened it up and discovered that everything had slid. It got too warm in the kitchen. Oops.

So we went ahead and ate nearly half the top cake tier last year - sacrilege! We were afraid the cake wouldn't freeze well and we didn't want to ruin/waste that yummy Bethel Bakery cake!!! We froze the rest. It doesn't taste too bad. The icing is still yummy. The cake is OK. But I am glad we indulged last year and ate some of the top tier.

I don't really understand the tradition behind freezing the top tier - having cake to pull out and remind you of your wedding day a year later seems kind of... dumb. Why cake? Why not preserve your bouquet, frame a photo, frame the invitation, make an album, get your wedding dress out of the closet. Those could be reminders, too, right? I guess for me, I'd rather enjoy the fresh cake than deal with freezing it properly and thawing it properly and risking an expensive cake tier tasting stale or freezer-burnt. Not to mention it takes up valuable freezer space! And when we got the new refrigerator last summer, it had to sit in a cooler and then in a not yet cold freezer for a few hours.

Unfortunately, we both have pretty bad colds, so that puts a huge damper on any anniversary celebrations. Since we are sneezing, coughing, aching, and using up tissue after tissue after tissue and drinking pot after pot of hot tea with honey to soothe sore throats, we are postponing any anniversary celebrations! Hopefully we will not be sick for our second anniversary!

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  1. Happy anniversary!
    Hope the two of you feel better soon! :)