Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Chicken Meuniere

Sunday was a busy, busy day in the kitchen. But it was, for me, busy in the sense that I felt calmed and refreshed by my time cooking. There are some difficult issues I'm struggling to deal with right now, and I am struggling to make decisions about how to move forward from those issues, and it's all so very upsetting and confusing and stressful. Sometimes not thinking about anything is amazingly therapeutic. Sunday afternoon I put the radio on (my new speakers sound terrific - thanks to SP & Googer), gathered ingredients, and chopped and cooked my way through the afternoon, preparing two meals for the week and a dessert, never really thinking about anything but the food.

I already wrote about the wheatberry stuffed peppers we made. The other meal we made was Chicken Meuniere with Tomato & Parsley Sauce. It's very easy to make, and not very time consuming. I gathered my ingredients, parked myself at the kitchen table next to the window, opened the windows, and enjoyed the warmish air and sort of sunshiny weather while I pitted and chopped 1/4 cup kalamatas:Drained and rinsed 2 tablespoons capers:Grated zest of one lemon (recipe calls for half a lemon; we like lemon flavor so I increased it):
Measured out 1 cup flour and added some salt and pepper:Chopped four tomatoes (recipe calls for four Roma tomatoes; we just used whatever tomatoes looked best at the store):
And gathered the seasonings, parsley, salt & pepper:Clearly, we have not mastered the art of defrosting our chicken before preparing it! I scraped ice crystals off the chicken tenders when I seasoned them with salt and pepper:Next up, dredge the chicken in the flour mixture:
Shake off excess flour and place them on a plate:Cook the chicken in 2 tablespoons melted unsalted butter and 1/4 cup olive oil:Place cooked chicken on a plate & tent with foil. We didn't tent with foil to keep the chicken warm because we weren't going to eat the chicken on Sunday.Then we made the sauce. Combine 1/3 cup white wine plus kalamatas, capers, tomatoes, and lemon zest in sauce pan.Season with parsley, salt and pepper. We divided the chicken in half and the sauce in half so now we have two meals for later in the week. We'll enjoy the chicken meuniere with spinach salad.We each tried a tiny bite of the sauce and it was very tasty. Lemony. Salty and briny from the capers and kalamatas. We might have added a bit too much pepper. But still quite tasty.

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  1. That looks incredible. I'm already figuring out how to veganize this dish for my partner. Lemons, capers, tomatoes... mmmm. And what beautiful colors!