Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Citrus Sables

Ever since we first made these Citrus Sables, we've been wanting to make them again. But we never have. I don't know why - two years is a long time to always mention a type of cookie that you really, really enjoyed but never make it! This past weekend, we did it. We made the Citrus Sables again. And they were just as tasty as we remembered. (Previous post here.)We found the recipe on Joy the Baker's blog. There aren't too many ingredients. Just unsalted butter, flour, sugar, powdered sugar, eggs, salt, and zest from a lemon & a lime. The 'hardest' part is probably making sure you don't overwork the dough. Or maybe it's shaping the dough into two logs. Sometimes our logs look kind of lumpy and uneven, skinny in some parts and fat in other parts. When you are ready to slice the cookie dough logs, you brush them with a beaten egg yolk and sprinkle sugar on the logs. We used our box of turbinado sugar. This box, which we bought at Christmas time, is coming in handy for a lot of baked goods this year (these sables, the dried cherry biscotti, the double ginger bundt cake). It makes a wonderful 'crust' around the cookie edges.Just be careful of baking time if you make your logs too skinny or cut the slices too thin. The cookies can get quite brown! Happily, despite their brown color, they aren't burnt/too hard.

Citrus Sable recipe here.

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