Wednesday, May 11, 2011

CSA #5

This week we got a new item, never before received in our 2+ years of Penns Corner CSA: wheat berries. There also was green butterhead lettuce, Forbes cheese, spinach, wild foraged ramps, apple butter, and rhubarb. I've posted lots of photos of greens and cider and ramps, so I took only 3 photos for CSA #5. I'm not sure what to do with the wheat berries. And the rhubarb, well, past muffins and compotes have not been all that tasty, in my opinion. So who knows what we'll do with it this year. The cheese was quite tasty.


  1. I picked up wheat berries at the Public Market a month or two ago; they make a great salad (think orzo salad, only with more heft and pop). They take quite awhile to cook, but once they are cooked you can dress them any way you'd dress a pasta salad.

  2. It's fate! So funny you should mention wheat berries, since I recently found two recipes using them. Hearing lots about wheat berries lately, I wanted to give them a try myself. Here are the two that caught my eye:

    Let me know what you end up using them for :)