Thursday, May 19, 2011

CSA #6

I've really been enjoying this year's CSA so far because we've been getting some new goodies. Like these portabellas. I know we've received mushrooms in our CSA box before, but I can't remember if we ever received portabellas. Also this week, asparagus:OK, so it is a tiny amount, only three spears once we split our share, but the first year we joined the CSA, the one and only asparagus week was the week we were on vacation so we missed out. Last year, we never got any asparagus. So even if it is only three spears, I'm kind of excited because asparagus is one of my favorite vegetables.Every year we get a parsley plant. Last year we foolishly bought parsley when we bought our other herbs and then we got a parsley plant in the CSA and ended up with two pots of parsley on the deck. We just don't use that much parsley! This year when we bought our herbs to grow on the deck, we figured we would just wait and see if we got a parsley plant from the CSA, and we did. Keeping it on the deck was a much better choice than our first year when we managed to kill 2 parsley plants in under a month in our sunroom. One got all brown and dried out, the other got limp and rubbery. Oops.And fresh oregano. Yum! We decided to not grow it ourselves this year, but receiving it in the CSA is always nice. It smells so darn good!

The other items in this week's box: pea shoots, red butterhead lettuce, green garlic, arugula, and a radish bunch.

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  1. Indeed the asparagus a couple years ago was a nice one-time item, and yesterday's was appreciated as well. Tender to the point of perfectly edible raw with only very minimal trimming (I only cut off about 1/4" from the exposed end), but I did give mine a quick toss in sesame oil and soy sauce and broiled it for a couple minutes (grilling would have been preferable but that's something I miss out on in apartment-dwelling). Yum! :)