Saturday, May 7, 2011

Lunch at La Bella Bean

Every 12 weeks or so, I get my hair cut & colored. I think I've mentioned before that I was 'lucky' enough to inherit the maternal 'hair turns gray in your 20's' gene. I'm no longer in my 20's, and at this point, I'd say I am more than 50% gray. Maybe as much as 75% gray. I have more gray hair than my paternal grandmother had when she died at age 83. Yikes! I am vain enough that I won't yet allow my gray to take over as my permanent hair color - it only reigns supreme for the last 2-3 weeks before I get it colored, when my part line resembles a skunk's stripe.

Since May is a month of many family events, and since the family events start today, SP took a vacation day on Friday to take me to get my hair done and do some errands & chores.

(Side note: when I broke my femur, I gave up driving and I no longer feel I can be a safe driver, so I no longer drive. I am lucky enough to have a husband who takes me to my hair salon 30 minutes away and tolerates the female salon chit chat for the 1.5-2 hours it takes.)

Anyway, I always go in the morning and afterwards, we always go out to lunch. Today we enjoyed lunch at La Bella Bean in Bridgeville. We've had lunch at La Bella Bean before (previous post here), but we both really enjoy it and it's a local coffee shop/eatery, not a chain, so I wanted to write about it again. We used an Entertainment Book coupon for buy one, get one specialty drink - cafe au lait for me, iced tea for SP.

We shared some tomato soup with Mancini bread:SP enjoyed The Turk sandwich (smoked turkey, swiss cheese, jalapeno guacamole, tomato, and lettuce:I created my own sandwich. Roasted chicken & fresh mozzarella on plain ciabatta with olive spread, tomatoes, cucumber, and roasted red peppers:I got the olive spread on the side:It's not garlicky, and it's not kalamatas, but I enjoyed the olive & olive oil taste on the sandwich. I really enjoyed my sandwich. Not overstuffed, not understuffed, fresh ingredients. Yum!

If you're in Bridgeville and looking for a nice, relaxing lunch spot, or coffee or tea, or a treat, give La Bella Bean a try. They are friendly & pleasant & considerate (they messed up a customer's grilled cheese sandwich and had to remake it so while he waited they gave him a complimentary cup of soup) and tasty. There are lots of treats, like muffins and cookies and biscotti and... lots of stuff! And free wi-fi!
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