Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Uno de Mayo Mexican Meal

We try to keep our dining out to just once a week. There are several reasons, one being budgetary, since we now have a huge money sucking blob in our lives (the house). All those pretty home improvement projects that you see on HGTV? If you're not a DIY-er, if you lack time/skill/experience, it costs money to have people who know what they are doing do it for you!

It's also that we enjoy cooking, and Sunday is the day we have the most time to cook (since during the week SP usually gets home too late to start cooking anything too involved). Since Sundays are our cooking days, we try to not get involved in going out to do errands because inevitably, we end up home later than we planned and more tired than we planned and suddenly, spending more than 2 minutes making dinner is not appealing.

But this past Sunday, we went out and did errands. We had to. There just aren't enough hours in the weekend! So after we did chores in the morning we went shopping. It was almost 5 pm when we finally left Kohl's after purchasing a pretty new purple vacuum and we were hungry. Tired of shopping. Feeling blah from the drizzle. And really, I wasn't all that excited about the tilapia thawing in the refrigerator. So we decided to break our rule and go out to eat for the second time in one weekend. We decided to stay in the general area we were in instead of driving back to the Walmart/Home Depot/Target part of Robinson. SP was really pushing for Mad Mex, Thai Foon, Fuji Sushi - none of which appealed to me. The tilapia was actually starting to sound yummy.

But being a good wife, I agreed to go to Mad Mex even though we had decided to have tacos later in the week for a little Cinco de Mayo 'celebration.' And even though Mexican food is not something I really enjoy.

Mad Mex in Robinson was not at all crowded at 5 pm last Sunday so we were seated right away, against a back wall with some skeleton pictures hanging on the wall. We both ordered iced teas and SP ordered a beer. We also decided to share an appetizer: Mexy Crabby Dip: It syas on the menu that it is available for a limited time. Crabmeat, cream cheese, tomatoes, green onion. It's very crabby. At first, I thought it was almost too crabby. But eventually I stopped thinking that and just enjoyed scooping up the cheesy, crabby dip.SP got the Mad Mex Quesadilla with shrimp.
Here's an inside photo:He really enjoyed it, but then again, he really likes Mexican food and spicy food.

I chose the Shrimp Mushroom Spinach Quesadilla:Inside photo, kind of blurry, oops:It was OK. This is what I order every time we are at Mad Mex because I don't like spicy or garlicky or black beans or tofu or corn or cilantro - really kind of limits my options at Mad Mex. It was just OK. Actually, I was disappointed because it seemed spicier than I remember and it bothered my stomach later Sunday night. Plus, I tried some of the pico de gallo, and even it seemed spicier than in the past. There's a Happy Hippie Quesadilla listed above the Shrimp Mushroom Spinach Quesadilla and the Happy Hippie is supposed to have spicy spinach. The description for the SMSQ didn't say spicy spinach. But I think I got spicy spinach. Which is very disappointing because I do not like spicy. At all. And of course Monday morning, I had that gross after taste I always have in my mouth when I eat something spicy-ish. So I was even less happy the day after.

Sigh. It seems that nearly everyone I know loooves Mexican food, and I just don't, so I feel like something is wrong with me! I feel even worse because SP loves Mexican food and all that spicy, garlicky, black bean crap that I cannot stand. If you like those flavors, then Mad Mex is a good place to eat - one of the Big Burrito places, good margaritas in 3 sizes, friendly service (at least we had good, friendly service). But if like me, you aren't really into Mexican food, well, go and drink a lot of margaritas and order some cheese dip and chips. Though even the cheese dip has jalapenos. Waffle fries, then.

At least I avoided the tilapia. For one night.

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  1. Great minds think alike! The fiance and I were discussing checking out the new Mad Mex location in Shadyside this week. Even though we've never been ones to celebrate Cinco de Mayo, it seems like a good idea, so why not?

    Also, thank you so much for your fantastic recommendations in Savannah! I had Leopold's and Vic's on my list. Also I think we're planning a bike tour that begins at Forsyth Park. Any knowledge on the infamous Lady & Sons restaurant? We're going to attempt to go there for lunch, but I've heard mixed reviews.

    Thank you!! Your suggestions are so valuable :)

  2. There are a few things at Mad Mex that you should do quite well with in terms of not being spicy, garlicky, raw onion-y, etc., so I'm a bit surprised you haven't tried them yet. :p

    The Chopper Salad with your choice of protein and dressing comes to mind as an obvious choice. Nacho Momma’s Taco Platter also may work for you if you sub out the slaw with another side, depending on how their taco beef is seasoned, and the Grilled Chicken Torta also most likely would (omit the red onions and probably tell them to put the pico on the side in case it's spicy that particular day). There should be more as well, but I only took a token glance over the menu writing this up. ;)

    As for the spinach in your quesadilla being spicy, I suspect it's always the spicy spinach (as it's most likely the same spinach used in all their dishes to avoid having to worry about multiple recipes, and that's assuming the spinach isn't just all made up in advance in a big vat for the day) and it's just that this time it actually was spicy (which I've never been lucky enough to receive at MM, at least not to what constitutes my idea of spicy ;) ).

  3. Katy, from what we saw Lady & Sons was just a tourist trap buffet

  4. That shrimp quesadilla looks amazeballs! I'm considering heading to the Shadyside one tomorrow (erm... I guess by now it's "today"); if I go I might try that.