Thursday, June 2, 2011

CSA #8

There was a surprise in this week's CSA box: local strawberries:They were so red and juicy. We washed them and ate them right away. We also received tarragon:green kale, lettuce, fingerling potatoes, radish bunch, honey, spinach, portabella,and a sage plant. Since we got to keep the parsley plant, SP's co-worker got the sage plant, so no photos of that. I don't actually remember seeing the honey last night. Maybe SP gave it to his co-worker? Or maybe the strawberries replaced the honey this week? Or maybe I just didn't see it before it got put away?

Last night I roasted all the CSA potatoes we had in the potato container and sprinkled in some chives and thyme from our herb pots on the deck. We still had some lettuce and pea shoots from past CSA weeks, so we made a salad with those greens and added some tomatoes from Costco and some old, getting kind of soft and bendy carrots plus the rest of the goat cheese.

We haven't used our rhubarb yet. So far, I haven't especially enjoyed anything we've made with rhubarb, so I am not super motivated to use it, but I think we will force ourselves to do something with it this weekend so that it gets used before it goes bad.

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  1. I've had up and down relations with rhubarb, but the collected rhubarb recipes on Martha Stewart's site look pretty fantastic, especially the rhubarb tart with lemon-yogurt mousse: