Monday, June 13, 2011

A Night at PNC Park

I am not a huge baseball fan, but I do follow the Pirates. By which I mean I look at the newspaper every day and say "Oh, lost again" or "Hey, wow, they won!" I don't actually watch the games on TV. SP is not a baseball person. He thinks watching baseball is boring. But, if your workplace gives you free tickets to a game and holds a tailgate party beforehand, well, then he's all interested in baseball, specifically the Pirates-Mets game last Friday night.
We were parked and ready for an evening of baseball by 5 pm! Before heading to the work tailgate, we walked around the park for a bit and checked out the block party that was going on along Federal Street. When we got to the work tailgate, we were treated to hot dogs, hamburgers, veggie burgers, kielbasa, pasta salad, fruit salad, sodas, water, and beer. I chose a hot dog with mustard and smoked muenster cheese. SP had kielbasa. Yum! It was quite nice to enjoy the beautiful weather while eating grilled goodies and meeting some of SP's co-workers. Then it was off to the ballpark for the game.
One of the best things about PNC Park is the view of the city. We were lucky enough to have tickets on the side facing the city and river.
We were seated in a 'covered area' so we didn't have to worry if any scattered showers showed up. It was such a gorgeous view. I took it all in and then tried to learn the names of some of the players because, sadly, I realized I could name only 3-4 players. Kind of embarrassing!
I'm like a little kid - I always enjoy watching the antics of the mascots at sporting events. I didn't see much of the Pirate Parrot once the game started. And yes, the pierogies still ran a race, but I forget which one won. I did enjoy a few treats while watching the game.
Funnel cake sticks! They look like french fries, but they're actually stick (french fry) shaped funnel cake! These were so good. I love fried dough and for the second time in a week I got to enjoy funnel cake after something like 6 years without a funnel cake. Yum!

It was a warm evening, and the funnel cake made me kind of thirsty, so I got another of my favorite indulgences while at an amusement park or sporting event: flavored frozen ice.
This was called a Lemon Chill. Frozen lemon ice. So good! SP & I shared this. There was no way I could have finished the entire container myself.
We enjoyed our evening at the ballpark despite the Pirates losing to the Mets. I think SP even enjoyed it enough to go to another baseball game later this summer...?????


  1. Yes, I could probably be convinced to go to another game :)

  2. Sounds like a great time, especially for the funnel cake sticks! I usually go to at least one game a year; this year I'm most looking forward to the pulled pork & pierogie sandwich I've heard so much about!

  3. Lindsay - we wanted to try that sandwich, too, but we were just too full from the tailgate food. Maybe next time!

  4. Funnel Cake sticks! OMG!! Sounds heavenly!