Sunday, June 12, 2011


Saturday afternoon we took a trip to Soergel's. I didn't say anything to SP, but my grandparents were on my mind a lot as we drove up 79 to Wexford, and I was a little sad/nostalgic. My grandpa and grandma used to take weekly trips to Soergel's and when I'd talk to them, they'd tell me all about the delicious apples or pies and other other goodies they would buy at Soergel's. This was my first trip to Soergel's. Growing up, our farm of choice as Trax Farms since I grew up in Peters Township.

We browsed through Soergel's, drooling over all the delicious looking produce, bakery goods, and other goodies (BBQ sauces, jams & jellies, teas, pastas...). We picked up some cucumbers and tomatoes. Here are the tomatoes, which we placed on the kitchen windowsill so they could ripen:
And the main point of our trip: strawberries. When we paid for our produce, the check out girl placed netting over the top of the strawberries to hold them in place:
It made me think of a hair net!!! Here are the net-free berries:
We ate some of the strawberries for breakfast this morning. They are so good! Small but juicy and flavorful. Well worth the trip (the return trip was quite annoying with the slow moving south 79 traffic since south 79 is down to one lane from the bridge to Crafton).

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  1. Those strawberries look especially sweet and amazing!