Thursday, July 14, 2011

CSA #14

It seems like we just got CSA #13 and here we are receiving the week #14 goodies. This week in the box:

~ pint snow or snap peas, or 1/2# green beans, Hostetler Farm, CF or Kistaco Farm
~ green onions, Crighton’s Farm, CF
~ 1/2 pint blueberries, Dawson’s Orchards
~ 1.5# cling peaches, Dawson’s Orchards~ 2# new red potatoes, Weeping Willow Farm, CF
~ baby beets, Nu Way Farm, CF
~ 1/3# red chard, Nu Way Farm, CF
~ 1/3# lettuce mix, Nu Way Farm, CF
~ cilantro, Goose Creek Gardens, CNG
~ 1# broccoli, Clarion River Organics, OG~ 1 cucumber, Beccari’s Farm

I can't wait to try the peaches! They're ripening a bit in a brown bag. The blueberries are nice & plump. We gave the cucumber to our sharer, and in return we got both heads of broccoli. Can't wait to try that as well!

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