Monday, July 11, 2011


My sister-in-law has a new kitchen gadget: a juicer. On our mini vacation to GA, our first morning there (we stayed at my brother's house), she made us fresh squeezed juice. Yum!!! Look at all these juice-able fruits:The time consuming part is having to remove the peel from oranges before juicing them:But the fresh squeezed orange juice - oh my gosh. So. Good.I love the frothy top:
And here's the pulp, which can be frozen and then used in other recipes, like sorbets and smoothies:I wanted straight orange juice. SP and SIL went for mixed juice. SIL juiced carrots, apples, oranges, and strawberries.Here's strawberry juice: And here's the juice mix that SP enjoyed:I like the ease of juicing oranges in this juicer. The fresh orange juice is very, very tasty. Like yummy enough that I kinda sorta want a juicer now, but I'm not sure we'd use it enough to make it a worthwhile purchase. I guess if SP vowed to make me fresh juice every morning, it would be worth it! I'll have to start researching juicers. Of course there are other kitchen gadgets I want, and that are probably more important (like a new stand mixer), but... that fresh OJ is darn good. And we could easily make fresh lemonade. Thank goodness for Costco - if we had a juicer, we'd go through even more lemons and other fruits than we do now!

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