Friday, July 22, 2011

Week in Review

Due to the busy weekend last weekend and the lack of time to make anything ahead of time or even do much prep work ahead of time, this week's meals have not been super exciting. Plus, it has been very hot & humid, and when the weather is like this, I don't have much appetite for large, hot meals, or much desire to cook. I just want a small portion of something cool.

Monday evening as the storms moved through, I made the Grilled Zucchini & Bell Pepper Fattoush that we first made last summer & really enjoyed. There's an 'official' recipe at Bon Appetit, and I pretty much follow it, but I don't bother measuring the vegetables, just the dressing ingredients:I used:
2 roasted red peppers, chopped
1 green pepper, chopped
1 grilled zucchini
generous mound of kalamatas, pitted and halved
one English cucumber, peeled & chopped
around 30 cherry tomatoes, halved
a bunch of mint from the pot on the deck, chopped
the cilantro from the CSA
the rest of our block of feta, maybe 5-6 ounces
the dressing of lemon, olive oil, and cumin
grilled pita (grilled inside on our grill pan)Tasty. Cool. But a bit time consuming with all the washing and peeling and pitting and chopping.

When the fattoush was gone, we made salads from the CSA lettuce and added in carrots, celery, and cherry tomatoes from Costco plus some hard boiled egg.We steamed the CSA broccoli.Sauteed the CSA snap peas. Steamed the CSA green beans. Fried the squash blossoms.And in a spur of the moment experiment, tried some battered and fried steamed broccoli, which tasted good but would have been better if we hadn't steamed the broccoli first (it should just be blanched).We were frying the squash blossoms when the broccoli finished steaming, and SP decided to see what a couple pieces of broccoli in the tempura-like batter would taste like. We also enjoyed CSA blueberries. And grilled more pita bread to dip in salad dressing.

And that's our week in review! Meatless, lots of veggies, no oven use, and no outside grilling! Also lots of iced tea and we polished off the Mexican Chocolate Ice Cream.

Tonight is frozen pizza night. SP is at his work place's summer picnic at Kennywood. I decided to not go because it's so darn hot and humid. I can't ride a lot of the rides and just sitting outside in this weather didn't seem like much fun. So he invited Googer to go ride roller coasters and instead of funnel cake and potato patch fries, I'll be enjoying a frozen pizza.

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