Monday, August 8, 2011

1947 Tavern

This past weekend was a fun weekend, and I could use a little (OK, a lot of) fun after all the 'excitement' of the past 2-3 weeks. Recently, SP won a one year membership to the Carnegie Museums. Yay!! I like the museums, but we don't seem to actually go often enough to make buying our own membership worthwhile. But winning a membership - yay!!! We just received our membership cards in the mail and we were anxious to use them - especially since we had not yet gone to see the new dinosaur exhibit. Saturday afternoon we went to the museum and we loved the new dinosaur exhibit. I was happy to discover that the Andrey Avinoff exhibit was still there and we spent quite a bit of time looking at his works and perusing the books about him and his life/art.After the museum it was time for dinner. We met my friend T for dinner at 1947 Tavern in Shadyside. It was nice to finally, after 7 months, get together to treat T to a thank you dinner for coming over last January when SP was in CA and shoveling 8 inches of snow off the walkway & driveway so that SP could get in the driveway when he got home from CA. We have amazing friends!1947 Tavern is where Elbow Room used to be. SP & I were a little early because it didn't take very long at all to get from the museum (which closes at 5 pm) to Ellsworth Street plus we easily found street parking, which surprised us. We expected to have to park a few blocks away and walk. Inside was dark and cool, quite a change from bright & hot/humid outside. We were seated right away - there were only 2 other people there at the bar. As you enter, the bar area is on the right with a wall of wine bottles in the far corner. There's a row of booths down the center of the room and then a line of tables against the left wall. In addition to the indoor bar/eating area, there's an outdoor Beer Garden area. We sat inside along the left wall. I think there are also a few tables outside in front of the restaurant on Ellsworth Street.I wasn't going to have an alcoholic beverage, but after seeing some of the yummy bourbon cocktails, I couldn't resist. I ordered a Georgia Peach bourbon cocktail. SP opted for Dupont Moinette Blond, a Belgian beer. I really liked my cocktail, a mix of bourbon, peach schnappes, iced tea, and a couple of other ingredients I forget! I don't see the bourbon cocktails listed on their web site. We sipped our beverages and relaxed while waiting for T.

The menu is pretty basic. Several macaroni cheese options, appetizers, sandwiches, and salads. SP & I decided to start things off by sharing an appetizer. I can't find it on the online menu, but it's fried green tomato with crabmeat, arugula, balsamic, and remoulade:It was very tasty. We were a little disappointed there was only one mountain of deliciousness. We are torn on if this is priced a bit high. It's a $12 appetizer and for one mountain of tomato & crab it seems pricey, but then again, there were large chunks of crab on the plate and on top of the mountain, under the arugula, so maybe all that crab does justify the price.I'm sure everyone will be shocked to learn I ordered macaroni & cheese for dinner. I love pasta, especially cheesy pasta. And this wasn't just mac+cheese, but mac+cheese with bacon & pimento cheese. Oh so good. Even SP liked this a lot, and he kept eyeing my plate. I think he was excited when I couldn't finish the last 3 bites because he got to enjoy the creamy, cheesy, pimento-y pasta.

SP ordered the Tavern Cheese Sandwich, which is a grilled cheese (tallegio cheese, apricot caper puree, tomato, and bacon on raisin bread). He opted for the side salad instead of fries or slaw.The salad was quite a nice size of mixed greens, tomatoes, onions, and some crispy potato straws. For dressing, our server brought over this:There were 4 bottles of salad dressing! SP opted for the lemon horseradish dressing. There also was a balsamic, a blue cheese, and one other I cannot remember but it was a creamy dressing. Here's his grilled cheese, which he really enjoyed. I'm lucky I got a small bite!SP said he didn't taste the apricot flavor much, just a bit of sweetness, but he also said this is probably the best grilled cheese he's ever eaten. I'm not sure how to take that since I make him grilled cheese sometimes. He's since amended his comment to 'best restaurant grilled cheese' he's ever eaten.

T decided to have the Tavern Club with fries as his side.The mayo for the sandwich comes on the side. Look at all the turkey:He really liked his sandwich. I asked T for a better description for the blog and all he said was really good, lots of turkey, maybe too much turkey, and tasty bread. The fries are thick, and he said they were good but maybe a bit salty, but only because T is trying to cut back on his salt (and fried foods and frozen foods) and change his bachelor diet.

All in all, a very nice meal. All the meals & appetizers are between $11 and $14. SP's beer was $7, my cocktail was $9. A meal could get pricey with alcoholic drinks, but I thought the food was very tasty and reasonably priced. The 2-3 employees (including our server) we encountered were very nice - no problems there. We'd definitely go back.

After dinner, we decided to go to Te Cafe. It seems like we have not been there in a very long time. We sat and read our books for nearly 2 hours while enjoying some tea. I had 2 pots of Vanilla Cinnamon tea, which was just like the tea guy behind the counter said, more vanilla than cinnamon but the cinnamon is there and compliments the vanilla. SP had a green tea. We considered a cherry biscotti, but I was just way too full from dinner.

It was a very nice Saturday - we got to have a date activity (museum) and dinner at a new place plus some tea at Te Cafe, one of our favorite places.
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  1. I've passed this place a few times and wondered if it was a worthy successor to the Elbow Room. It sure looks like it. Gourmet mac'n'cheese seems to be offered at every above-par restaurant these days, but that mac'n'cheese actually seems worth ordering. I'll have to check it out.