Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Coffee Ice Cream

Last weekend we made coffee ice cream. We added chopped chocolate covered espresso beans and for the splash of liquor we used Kahlua. This is a good ice cream, but it's not as tasty as the coffee ice cream we made last year. That ice cream recipe used eggs. This year, we used a recipe that is just heavy cream, milk, sugar, vanilla, and coffee. I wasn't sure how I was going to like it, I suspected I wouldn't like it as much, and I was right. I agreed to use the no-egg recipe because we had a bit of a time crunch and the 'no egg' recipe could be churned right away whereas the 'with egg' recipe would have had to chill overnight before being churned.

Next time, I think we'll make the 'with eggs' coffee ice cream recipe. This one is disappointing because it's not as creamy and rich, plus the Kahlua taste is a bit too strong, and it leaves me feeling a bit 'bleah' after I eat it. We'll eat it, but I'm not asking for extra scoops like I usually do!

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  1. Looking for a recipe called "honeymoon" ice cream for my 86 year old mom. Any help?