Saturday, August 6, 2011

An Exciting Life - ?!

There wasn't much food action around here last week. Maybe because I've been experiencing either super awful allergies or a never ending ever so slight cold that makes me feel tired and crabby all the time. I've been napping a lot. And drinking lots of tea. And I tried taking some cold pills. Huge pills. Anyone who knows me well knows I am the worst ever at swallowing pills. Often, the vitamin or medicine will some how get 'stuck' in my throat and I'll start a horrible cycle of gagging and choking and trying to swallow it or trying to cough it up, frantically guzzling water and brewing hot tea because surely the hot tea will melt the stuck thing, right? Not so much. I kinda yelled at SP for buying this medicine when I saw the size of these pills. I refused to take them unless he was standing right there, ready to save me from a choking death. I have failed to successfully swallow many of these pills. Only 2 of maybe 10 have gone down without a hitch. Evil purple gel caps. So I quit taking them. Allergies can't last forever. A cold can't last forever. Right?

While there's been a lack of food action, there have been several other 'exciting' things. Like my battle with the big brown spider. In the shower. Oh yes. In the shower. I didn't see it when I got in the shower. And then, when I had shampoo lather all over the place and in my eyes, I nearly stepped on it and when I squinted down to see what was almost under my foot I saw THE HUGE BROWN SPIDER. I am a girl. I am not good with bugs. Especially not big ones. Especially not in my shower. I SHRIEKED in terror and started screaming for SP to come save me from the spider. Sadly, he was at work. It was up to me. I finally grabbed the shower nozzle, thanked my 'lucky' stars that I have a handheld shower, and proceeded to drown the monster. Of course we have these mesh coverings on all of our drains so that nothing can get down and clog the sewer pump (like lots of hair) so Mr. Hideous Spider just sort of got mashed and stuck in the mesh. It was so gross. I have no idea how I managed to finish my shower. That night, SP had the pleasure of removing the drowned spider from the mesh drain. And giving my poor traumatized foot lots of foot rubs. I now thoroughly inspect the shower before stepping in.

This brown spider was the creepiest crawly so far - other shower battles have been against those centipede things and daddy long legs landing on me. Ugh. There's something extra creepy about being naked when the bugs decide to strike.

Not long after the spider encounter, SP spent a day at an amusement park in Erie while I stayed home, alone, fearing another spider attack. When he got home that night, he had a box of Tim Horton donuts.They were tasty. Crullers, blueberry, chocolate, and blueberry jelly that he ate on his drive home. He likes jelly donuts.

A week before the Erie amusement park, SP's company had their summer picnic at Kennywood. I didn't go because it was so darn hot. He brought me Kennywood fudge as treat. I ate lots of it to make me feel better after the spider attack. He gets to ride roller coasters, I get to eat treats like donuts & fudge.
Another recent 'excitement' was a super glue incident. We have a marble & wire cheese slicer that makes quickly slicing huge hunks of cheese nice and easy. Unfortunately, one of its legs popped off when I washed it. So I figured I'd super glue it back on. I was being careful. I swear. It was not pointed at my face. It was at table level since I sat at the kitchen table to glue the leg back on. But the glue wouldn't come out of the tube. I was giving it one last squeeze before heading off to find a pin to poke around in the nozzle when suddenly, there was a spurt of air followed by several blobs of glue spurting out. And up. At me. And my face. I freaked. I felt it hit near my eye, and I felt a wee burning. I brushed at my eye, then realized I really shouldn't have my eye squished shut because super glue bonds instantly and I'd end up with my eye bonded shut and ohmygosh is my eyeball frozen is it glued to my eyelid ohmygosh help help help and I zipped off to frantically splash cold water over my eye.

I spent the rest of the day poking at my eye. I poked and prodded and examined it so much that I probably made it feel like something was wrong. I called SP to see what his eye had felt like when he got super glue in it last October. He said it stung like crazy for a half an hour or so and the only relief was sticking his eye in the stream of running cold water and that after that, it felt like he had sand grains in his eye.

I never felt any of that, so I figured I was OK, but I looked up my vision insurance and eye doctor anyway since I am due for an exam. I discovered that my eye doctor for is not part of my new vision plan. I've been seeing the same eye doctor since I was 7 years old. Grr. Ugh. Annoying. So I didn't make an eye doctor appointment.

So my eye felt OK. There weren't any spider sightings. Things were OK for a couple of days until the 'Melted Electrical Wiring Incident.' Oh yes. It all started when SP went to take the trash out to the curb on trash night and noticed that the outdoor under the deck motion sensor lights didn't come on. No wonder we'd heard Randy Raccoon rooting around out there the previous night. He wasn't being scared off by the lights coming on. So SP went inside the 'green room' (so named because the carpet is green) and discovered none of the recessed lights were coming on. So he went into the guest room and discovered those lights weren't coming on either. So apparently, those were all on the same circuit, so he went to the box and flipped the switch. The buzzing sound and heat he felt made him switch it off and come up to inform me that he would be calling our electrician the next day (OK, we 'have' an electrician because we had to have an electric line/box set up for the dryer because the previous owners had a gas dryer and we didn't want a gas dryer, we wanted electric, and then we used the same guy to install our bedroom ceiling fan when it became obvious we needed to run a third line and crawl around in the attic and pull wires around).

So Mr. Electric came out and to make a long story short(ish), 4+ hours later and with a large-ish hole in the guest bedroom ceiling (they had to get to a junction box that was somewhere in the ceiling), we had a new wire run and all was well again. The culprit? Hard to tell. Definitely not a mouse - that possibility was kind of creeping me out, a mouse chewing the wires. I wished aloud that I hoped the evil mouse had fried when it bit the wire until SP pointed out that in that case we'd have a mouse corpse in the ceiling.

But since the shorted wire wouldn't pull out because it's stuck in place, and there was not a mouse corpse, best guess is that a staple from stapling the wires down or a nail from this past spring's flooring project punctured a wire and caused it to melt/short. Fabulous. On the bright side, he checked out all the wiring downstairs and we are all good. But another unexpected house expense right after July's unexpected plumbing expense (we have an overly complicated, high end shower, apparently, and the stupid part alone to fix the drip is like $100 plus the labor cost since the springs and such inside the faucet are... intimidating - thanks previous owners for making a faucet drip so clostly & difficult to fix) didn't thrill us.

So we have my allergies/cold crap, the creepy spider, spurting super glue, the shorted wire, really, could things get worse? Sure. I could have one of my stomach events where I end up in excruciating pain, unable to sleep, and end up in my recliner in the living room clutching my pillow. I guess SP didn't mind too much. The next morning I found his pillow smack in the center of the bed, so I guess he enjoyed being alone. Or at least without my tossing & turning, huffing & puffing, swearing self in it.We had to postpone a doctor trip for me because of my stomach pains and the wire problem. We both had some stomach issues last week in spite of a fairly plain diet. We didn't do any 'exciting' cooking. We made a roast chicken on the rotisserie. This time, we flavored it with fresh sage, fresh rosemary, lemon, and onion. Yum!The chicken fed us for 6 nights! Yes, we ate chicken for 6 nights. In a row. But with different sides (biscuits, rice, frozen spanakopita, tomatoes & basil, green beans, cauliflower).

Hopefully my recent 'excitement' has been entertaining, but also hopefully, we won't have anymore of that kind of 'excitement' any time soon and we can get back to cooking so I have some food 'excitement' to blog about!

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