Thursday, August 18, 2011

Farmers Market Fattoush

SP again raided the farmers market after work last Friday. Look at all the stuff he got! We used some tomatoes, eggplant, and red pepper in the Pesto Calabrese. Some tomatoes got roasted for the tomato tart. We made a galette with the peaches plus we've been eating them for breakfast. All the zucchini and eggplant got sliced and grilled:We also grilled some red pepper, green pepper, jalapeno, and tomatillos. The jalapeno & tomatillos will be used for a not-yet-made salsa. The other stuff was combined with chopped tomatoes, cucumbers, feta, kalamatas, and feta for fattoush, again:I think we made enough to feed an army. OK, enough for us to have 4 dinners. Served with some grilled pita and all those veggies are super filling! It never seems like there's that much on my plate, and I always think, oh, it's just veggies, not so filling, and then I am always wrong. I am always stuffed after eating this fattoush. This time we added eggplant, which isn't part of the original recipe, but it sounded good to us. The local farmers goodies are so wonderful right now. I will be sad when it's winter and we no longer receive a CSA box, the farmers markets are closed, and we choose to not freeze or shovel a path to the grill!

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  1. Holy moly, that's a heck of a bounty. Love the fattoush salad, always a great way to make a lot of veggies into a lot of meals. I've got eggplant, zucchini, tomatoes, and summer squash to use up this week, so that might be the avenue I head for as well. Thanks for the idea!