Saturday, August 20, 2011

Market District Dinner

Despite living so darn close to Giant Eagle Market District, and despite being there every week for regular grocery shopping since it's our local grocery store, we rarely purchase foods from their prepared foods area. It's a huge area, with lots of options. The exception is usually when SP gets together with his friends for a night of geek games and I stay home. I want something quick and easy. Such was the case last Saturday. As usual I went past every single prepared food area. And as usual I settled on a soup:Lobster Bisque. Pretty darn tasty.

I've wanted to try their Goat Cheese & Rosemary Cream Cheese for quite a while, so I grabbed some of it:I chose a honey wheat bagel on which to slather the cream cheese:It's a tasty cream cheese, very light, a whipped cream cheese, but pricey ($4), so it's not a frequent purchase. But a few times a year we buy some as a treat.

I also got a dessert. I think GEMD calls it a French Twist. I call it a Lady Locks.It was pretty tasty, too.I also made a spur of the moment purchase. In the store, I saw an ad for Milano Melts, which I have never tried and actually, after seeing the first ads for these cookies a while ago in some food magazines and getting excited over the new milanos and vowing to try them as soon as possible, I had forgotten they even existed. Until last Saturday. So I got a bag.They are just OK. Not really as soft and oozy, melty as I expected. And since the chocolate is entirely inside the cookie part, not like a regular milano which is like a sandwich cookie so you can see the chocolate filling, it's actually less chocolaty, which is disappointing. I prefer regular milanos and probably won't buy these Milano Melts again.

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