Monday, August 15, 2011

Papa Gallo

Saturday morning we went out to breakfast. I like going out for breakfast. Somehow, eggs and bacon and other breakfast foods always taste better when someone else makes them for you! Plus it's a great way to fill up for a day of errands. We decided to try a place in Collier that was reviewed by Munch in the newspaper a few weeks ago: Papa Gallo. It's on Route 50/Washington Road between the I79 Kirwan Heights and Bridgeville exits in the same complex as the Damon's, Coldstone Creamery, Moe's, and a Starbucks (along with other places I can't remember!).We arrived around 10:30 am. It wasn't very crowded when we arrived but it did start to fill up as it got closer to lunch time. Gallo means rooster in Italian, and rooster is the theme of the decor. There is a rooster on the front of the menu and a large rooster picture was hung on the wall near where we sat. There's tables and booths (nicely spaced, not crammed so close that you can overhear your neighbor's conversations) and a cheery yellow wall. We sat right next to the front windows. SP ordered iced tea. I stuck with water.

I couldn't decide what to order! I knew I wanted breakfast food, but the salads and sandwiches sounded so yummy that I was tempted to order one of them. Even among the breakfast options I was undecided. Triple Berry Pancakes sounded good. So did the Sunrise (two eggs on ham slices with tomato, melted Swiss cheese on a buttered English muffin; and served with fresh fruit). But in the end, I opted for my usual breakfast out: a breakfast sandwich.I chose cheddar cheese, bacon, and white toast. This was a good breakfast sandwich, but I have to confess it might not be my favorite breakfast sandwich from a diner/cafe/restaurant because it seemed somehow healthier than the other breakfast sandwiches I've enjoyed!! The bacon was not at all greasy. The toast was simply toasted and it was a thin slice. I am used to thick slices of bread slathered with butter and grilled/toasted - so buttery that my hands end up a greasy mess after I eat. Papa Gallo's breakfast sandwich was not a buttery, greasy mess. There were thick bacon slices, just the right amount of cheese (too little and you don't taste it; too much and it's too melty cheesy greasy), and eggs that didn't crumble out from between the bread, causing you to need a fork. Tasty without all that buttery and bacony greasiness. So I liked it, and I'd order it again. But if I am craving a buttery, bacony greasy mess, this is not the place!SP ordered the soup du jour, a fresh Tomato-Basil Soup. He was nice and let me try several spoonfuls. There were large crouton/toasted bread chunks that turned out to taste like garlic croutons. But the soup was served piping hot (I scalded the roof of my mouth) and was deliciously tomato-y and basil-y.SP ordered The Wide-Eyed Breakfast (two eggs made to order with bacon, ham or sausage; plus toast & jelly). He really enjoyed it. He liked the plump sausage as opposed to the skinny links you usually get (or patties). His eggs were cooked just like he ordered. He ate everything on his plate. Plus he ate some of this:A Triple Berry Pancake. We both wanted to try one, but didn't want an entire order, and we didn't see the pancakes listed under side orders. So we asked if we could order just one. Our server checked, and the answer was yes. It was yummy! Blueberries and blackberries, but I can't recall the third berry. It was a thick pancake, not thin. Very tasty.

Overall, we enjoyed our breakfast at Papa Gallo a lot. The employees/servers were very friendly and nice (helped holding the door when we entered & exited, told us to sit anywhere we wanted, didn't roll eyes in annoyance when we asked if we could get one pancake). The food was tasty. My minor quibbles would be that SP didn't get jelly with his toast, but he doesn't usually eat jelly on his toast so it wasn't a huge deal. And no butter for the pancake, which was also OK because we both tend to skip the butter on pancakes and just use a bit of syrup.

We do not often eat breakfast or lunch out. But this place is definitely worth keeping in mind for the next time we want breakfast/lunch out. I would like to try one of the sandwiches/panini.
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