Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Peach & Cherry Galette

We've been eating a lot of peaches lately. The CSA & farmers market peaches have been so tasty. Every morning when I go out into the kitchen, I can smell the peach bowl - their smell just wafts all around the kitchen. We decided to make a dessert with some of our peaches. Originally, I wanted to make a peach pie with a lattice top because I still want to master making a pretty lattice top (all my previous attempts have failed miserably!) but SP wanted something less time consuming. So we settled on a galette.It was supposed to be a quick dessert to make, so we cheated and bought pre-made dough. Pillsbury Refrigerated Pie Crust. We added some cherries we got at Costco, tossed the cherries & peaches with a little sugar, cinnamon, and arrowroot, dumped it all on the crust, folded up the edges, brushed the edges with egg wash, and baked.It's OK. I think SP likes it more than I like it. I thought that maybe I didn't enjoy it much on Sunday because I was tired from all the cooking & cleaning up, stuffed from all the food, and had a few too many glasses of wine. Maybe I was just too wiped out to enjoy it. But I tried some more of a couple days later, and it tasted better, but still not great. I think it's the crust, and I suppose that's what we get for buying refrigerated pie crust. I've used the same crust before for quick desserts and it tasted much better - maybe something changed with the crust? Next time, we'll have to plan ahead and make time to make our own crust from scratch. At least the cherries & peaches filling tastes really good!


  1. Gorgeous! Did you see my galette photo? I think around July 4? Mine had sugar sprinkled on the crust. Yours looks yummy- oh and mine also used a refrigerated pre-made crust!

  2. Carla: I went back to look at your galette, which I now remember and wish I'd remembered when we made ours! Yours looks so yummy! I think adding some butter would have helped ours. Maybe we need to try again - there's still a pie crust since there were 2 in the box!