Thursday, September 15, 2011

Scoops On Beverly

Last Monday evening, after a bacon-less junior bacon cheeseburger and going to 3 appliance stores, I decided we needed a treat. Plus, some Entertainment Book coupons are burning a hole in my purse - they expire in November! We haven't used any of the ice cream coupons. We haven't even gone out for ice cream and summer is over! So since we were in the South Hills area, I dug out my Scoops On Beverly coupon and suggested it to SP. He agreed it sounded like a yummy idea. Scoops On Beverly is on Beverly Road in Mt. Lebanon. I seem to recall that long, long ago it was a Baskin Robbins, but I could be mistaken.

I've never been inside. It's not wheelchair accessible. I wait in the car while SP goes in. He usually calls me to tell me the flavors. Monday night, he emailed a photo! Our coupon was buy 2 scoops get 2 scoops free, so I was forced to choose 2 flavors. I chose Chocolate Marshmallow and Mint Moosetracks with a sugar cone:
SP chose Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough and Cherry Vanilla. He didn't get a cone.
I didn't try his flavors. I was too busy enjoying mine. The Chocolate Marshmallow was good, not great. But the Mint Moosetracks - oh my gosh. So good. Mint ice cream with crumbled chocolate cookie bits, fudge dollops, and junior mints. Mint + chocolate, one of my favorite combinations.

SP enjoyed his flavors, but he only ate about 1 scoop total (half of each). I, um... well, he was driving home, and it takes 25 minutes or so to get home from Beverly Road and I just kept eating and enjoying and trying to ice cream away the broken oven woes and before I knew it, my 2 scoops plus cone were gone.

Oink. Totally worth it.
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  1. Indeed, that was a Baskin Robbins many years ago. Beverly Road has some great food options...Sushi 3, Bado's, Scoops, Coffee Tree. Never been to Iovino's but I've heard great things about it. When my wife and I got married, we lived down the street from there and loved walking up for coffee in the morning.