Sunday, September 25, 2011

Second Trip to First Watch

Yesterday was another Saturday filled with errands. SP was thrilled, especially because the errands included taking me to the mall to exchange some jeans I bought that turned out to be the wrong size. Oops. Always try stuff on at the store. Otherwise, your husband will strain his eyeballs when he rolls them dramatically to illustrate his annoyance with yet another trip to the mall. To make the outing & errands somewhat less annoying, I suggested going out to breakfast.

He liked the idea. Of course, we were a little slow getting out the door. It was so comfy snuggling in bed and snoozing and before we knew it... we were leaving for breakfast at 11 am. Whoops. We decided to go to First Watch, which is at Settlers Ridge between the Verizon Wireless store & a vitamin/supplement store. It seemed like the best option since it didn't take us too far away from our core group of chores.

We were seated right away and as we looked over the menu, we both commented that it seems they have changed the menu since last we were there (March 2010). That's not a bad thing, just an observation. As for drinks, I stuck with water and SP had iced tea. SP ordered a blueberry pancake for us to share:
It was OK. I smeared the butter around but didn't pour on any of the provided maple syrup. I dunked my forkfuls in the blueberry compote ramekin. It was a thicker pancake, dense, and kind of dry, but I suppose that the dryness would have been offset by the syrup if I had poured on the syrup, but I just don't like a lot of syrup, so...

SP decided to try the Veg'd Out Omelet:
"Onions, mushrooms, celery, zucchini and broccoli. Topped with melted cheeses and diced tomatoes. Served with potatoes & English muffin." He thought it was light on the vegetables for a vegetable omelet. He doesn't recall there being any mushrooms and says there was little zucchini. What was on his plate tasted fine, it was just disappointing because it wasn't what he expected for a Veg'd Out omelet.

I opted for the BLTE. "The classic BLT sandwich plus a fried egg, cheese and mayo on multigrain bread:"
It came with the seasoned potatoes and a side of what looked like a tomato & cucumber salsa on top of some lettuce and a cup of fruit:

Here's a close up view of the sandwich:

I liked that the yolk part was cooked solid and not runny. The lettuce was fresh and not iceberg. The bread could have been toasted a bit more. But overall it was a tasty sandwich, and quite filling for me. SP ate my fruit and salsa/salad, which he said was OK. The potatoes were OK, nothing real exciting, and definitely better hot than cold. I eat slow and concentrated on my sandwich, so when I got around to the potatoes, they were cold and kind of... yucky.

Overall, we left a bit disappointed and not liking it as much as we had after our first visit a year and a half ago. I liked my sandwich, but it wasn't anything super special or that I would crave enough to motivate me to go back. SP didn't really like his omelet. And our service was not as good this time as last time. Our server seemed to want to get us in & out quickly but there were lots of empty tables and no line of people waiting. She didn't refill SP's iced tea. In fact, as she did a walk by to plop our bill on the table, I had to call after her to ask for her to refill his iced tea (he was in the restroom). She didn't stop by to ask if everything was OK. It was like the dropping off of the bill - a sort of fly by 'everything OK good OK' and whoosh! Off she went. She didn't ask if we wanted anything else before depositing the check. We didn't, but I still thought that she should have checked first before dropping the check on the corner of the table. I get that service between a chain and a place like notion or Willow or Eleven will be quite different, but to me the basics of service wherever you dine are keeping drinks filled and asking if everything is OK/if you need anything else. It's not like she had to lay out multiple utensils for multiple courses or serve multiple courses.

For the same cost ($21 with tax, before tip), maybe even less, we would prefer Bob's or Eggs N'At. I suppose if you're in the area (Settlers Ridge) and you've just worked out at LA Fitness and need to hit GEMD but you're hungry and want to sit for a bit, it's not a bad place to stop in, the food is OK, the atmosphere nondescript, it's just not somewhere we will seek out/choose again for future breakfasts when there are other places we like better. Or if we do want to eat breakfast in Settlers Ridge because of our errands, I'd rather we grab a bagel sandwich at Panera.
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