Thursday, October 20, 2011

1st New Oven Meal

Our first baked treat in the new oven was something new: Spiced Biscotti. Our first meal? Nothing new, but one of our favorites: Paula Deen's Pork Tenderloin with Root Vegetables.
Even though I read the manual and all about using the oven probe, we used our other meat thermometer. The tenderloin was cooked through and still quite juicy. Juicer than I remember it ever being. That's a good thing, especially for re-heating during the week. It's as tasty as we remember: soy, ginger, brown sugar, red wine, cinnamon, honey.

We also roasted butternut squash and red kuri squash, from the CSA. After roasting, SP scraped the flesh out and mashed it with some sage and butter.
He really liked it. I thought it was just OK, but squash prepared like this has never been one of my favorite foods. It makes me think of baby food!!

We also roasted a large casserole of CSA beets, carrots, potatoes (all the kinds that were building up from the CSA), CSA onion, and rosemary.
They roasted for 1.5 hours at 350 but were not as well done and crispy brown as past roasted veggies/potatoes. This is what makes us think our old oven tended to be hotter than what we thought. The potatoes weren't yet crispy, the carrots were still quite firm, and the onion wasn't that nice brown color.
Tasty, but next time, we'd give them another half an hour or roast them at a higher temperature.

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  1. Those veggies look delicious!
    I wrote you a nice long comment about how I have oven-envy, but somehow blogger deleted it.
    Anyways, I'm super-jealous of the oven. As far as kitchen appliances go, it's pretty sexy.