Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Burgatory (Guest Post from SP)

We are still oven-less. Turns out, the oven we want is back ordered, so the earliest it will arrive from the manufacturer delivered to the store is the end of this week. That means last weekend was another 'what do we make for dinner without an oven' weekend, plus it rained all weekend, so grilling was not an option. I know some people who grill in rain, snow, sleet, cold - but that's not us!

There also was a Steelers game at 1 pm and a Giants game at 4 pm, so we decided to snuggle up on the couch for a day of football. No cooking. What was dinner for Sunday with leftovers for the week? A Costco rotisserie chicken, olive baguette from GEMD, and tomatoes & cucumbers.

Complicating the 'what do we have for dinner this week' issue was SP's work. Turns out, this week there are co-workers from another office in town for meetings, so of course there are dinner plans nearly every night this week. Nothing mandatory. But of course he should go to these dinners. Work is important. Being a team player is important. Being social is important. Keeping your job is important. Doing well and being an above & beyond employee is important.

The price SP pays for dining out and having fun with co-workers while I sit at home lonely and eating Costco chicken is that he must take photos of the food (he used his Droid, so the food photos are not very good) and he must write a guest blog post!

So here's SP's guest blog post of Burgatory, a place at which I have not been. but now he wants to take me there.

"Life can be so rough sometimes. I mean, really, a dinner at Burgatory for a work function? Sigh, if I must...

Our group of 15 (!) got to Burgatory around 6:30 pm. Since they don't take reservations, we were prepared to be split up, knowing such a large group would be difficult to accommodate. Indeed, the restaurant put us down as three separate parties, each with a 30-45 minute expected wait. We all lingered in the bar area while waiting for our tables. I perused the tap list, and quickly decided on a Strongbow cider as my drink-for-the-week (I'm on a medication that requires me to limit consumption, but my doctor has said an occasional drink is ok). Quickly enough, we were not only seated, but they had been able to move enough tables together to accommodate us as one big rowdy (if crowded) group.

So on to dinner. Now, readers may have gathered that I don't eat beef. It's not that I dislike it, I just don't really miss it and think I eat healthier avoiding it. So, what to eat at a burger place?

Plenty, as it turns out. In addition to the delicious-looking shakes (which I passed on, having already had enough sugar from the cider) and the expected wings, onion rings, fries, and the like, Burgatory also offers several tasty-sounding entrees. That said, the focus is truly on the burgers and burger-style sandwiches (not surprisingly given the name).

Even there, plenty of options abound. In addition to the obligatory beef burger (hormone-free), you can get chicken, bison, sausage, lump crab, and veggie options. Several precomposed suggestions are listed on the menu, or you can do what every single member of our party did -- grab the "Custom Creation" pad and build your own. With such a large group I didn't even try to catch what everyone ordered, so I can only talk about what I built.
I opted for a crab "burger" on a whole wheat "topless" bun. I asked for the cracked peppercorn rub, but was told they can't put the rub on the crabcakes (not surprising). To that I added the smoked gouda, guacamole, applewood smoked bacon, sauteed mushrooms, grilled onions, field greens, arugula, tomato, and pickles. Yes, that's a lot -- I knew as I was writing it down that it was going to be too much, and I'd need a knife and fork (one of the reasons I went for the topless option). In hindsight I'd leave off the cheese and get mustard instead of guac, but oh was this good. I just got the chips for the side, but you can also get fries or salad. To wash that all down I got my usual iced tea (having finished the cider while waiting for the table).
I'd gladly go back to Burgatory again. It's not the kind of place I'd opt for every day, but it was very good, and they scored bonus points by being able to adapt and accommodate our huge group. Highly recommended."

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  1. Burgatory also has a great "meal salad" for those not wanting a burger. The "Green Apple and Quinoa Salad" is very good. Mine had very fresh lettuces and the rest is a wonderful combination of apples and golden raisins, balanced with the protein of cashews, very flavorful quinoa, and goat cheese, topped with a very nice and light, but delicious dressing. At $10 it is only slightly overpriced. I think it would look more enticing on the menu at $9.00. Grilled chicken can be added for an additional $3, but not really needed with the protein that is already there. It satisfied my appetite, but may require a side for those hungrier than I was during my recent visit to Burgatory. Perhaps with the calories saved, a shake would be a great choice.