Thursday, October 13, 2011

Fall Getaway Part 3

Monday - our last day of our mini vacation. We got an early start on the day because there were a lot of things we wanted to see and do, plus we wanted to get home at a not too late hour. The first order of business - breakfast. Usually we stay at Hampton Inns and they have a free breakfast. SP usually heads down to the lobby and brings food back to the room for me. But the Hampton Inn in Gettysburg didn't get such great reviews, so we decided to stay at the Wyndham, which doesn't have free breakfast. So we headed toward the center of town in search of a cafe we had driven past several times and looked up the previous night: Cafe Saint-Amand.

It's very cute inside. A fireplace, light yellow walls, wood floors, wood tables & chairs, shelves filled with trinkets, black & white framed pictures of Paris. We seated ourselves and started looking over the menu. We both decided to have some hot tea since there was still a bit of a chill in the air. Our server brought hot water in a small glass bottle and placed a tray of Stash tea bags on the table. I chose Orange Spice and SP chose the Jasmine Green Tea. There also was green tea, raspberry, earl gray, chai. mint, and maybe a couple of others. A nice selection.
Surprise surprise - I decided to have the breakfast sandwich! Bacon, egg, and cheese on a croissant with a side of fresh fruit:
Sadly, my croissant sandwich lacked the cheese, which is a big bummer for me. I didn't want to try to flag down our server because I was hungry and we didn't want to linger too long, so I just sighed and ate my bacon & egg croissant. It was quite filling, lots of egg & bacon. The croissant wasn't as buttery & flaky as I expected, but SP pointed out that they had toasted it, so maybe toasting took away some of the butteriness & flakiness.
SP decided to try a crepe. He ordered the Crêpe de Poulet a la ratatouille (chicken and vegetable crêpe). It had "tender chicken breast, roasted Provencal vegetables, garlic, thyme, and muenster:"
Here's the inside - he pretty much inhaled this crepe before I had a chance to take a photo of the inside.
He chose pasta salad as his side and he said it was very tasty and had a balsamic dressing. He liked his crepe, but would have preferred a buckwheat crepe like at Paris 66. I liked this crepe better.

He also ordered a side of sausage, which our server forgot to put in and we had to remind her so it arrived after we had finished our meals:
Good sausage. Not too seasoned.

We got a piece of pumpkin roll to go and ended up eating it at home later that night. It was good. Cream cheese filling.
It was a tasty breakfast, filling, a nice tea selection, relaxing, and a friendly server. It would have been better if my sandwich had contained the promised cheese and if SP's sausage hadn't initially been forgotten. But we would go back.
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We walked around Gettysburg for a bit, wandering in & out of some shops, before heading west to The Historic Round Barn & Farmers Market:
Apparently, not too many round barns exist today, so those that do are special. This one was built in 1914 and is a 'barrel barn' not the '5+ sided polygonal' type of round barn. Today it is a farmers market. We wandered through. There are a lot of apple varieties. A lot. Varieties we had never before heard of. And other seasonal goodies as well as jams, jellies, syrups, pickled goodies, lots of cookbooks, lots of Amish cookbooks, teas, cheeses...
Our only purchase was some squash!!

After enjoying the Round Barn, we continued west on Route 30, enjoying a beautiful autumn day.
So many pretty colors. We rolled down the windows and let the air whip in.
I tried to take pretty photos through the windshield.
Sometimes I tried to take some out my window. Lots of beautiful rolling hills and farms and colorful trees. And windmills:
Eventually, we arrived at our destination:
As soon as we turned in to the memorial, I think we both got a little quieter and more reflective. As we drove through the park, there was plenty of beautiful fall scenery to appreciate:
There's still a lot of planned construction in the memorial. It's far from finished. I've never seen so many people at a park so hushed. In a way it felt wrong to take photos. Here are the marble slabs, each one engraved with one name of a passenger/crew member from Flight 93:
The slabs are arranged along the flight path. The actual crash site is off limits to the public. After all of the workers involved in gathering evidence from the site were finished with their work, the site was filled in. Today, peering through a towering wood gate, one can glimpse the boulder that marks the spot of impact:
It's really quite something to see. It makes you think, A lot. It makes you contemplative. Reflective. And grateful for how lucky you are and how blessed you are, in spite of your own personal trials & tribulations.

*a brief blog pause seems appropriate*

After walking around the memorial, we continued west on Route 30, enjoying more pretty scenery. We decided to stop in Greensburg for dinner. Blogger Short & Sassy in Suburghia writes about places she tries in the Greensburg area, so we decided to try one. She mentioned in her post that The Parkwood Inn is right off Route 30, so we chose that restaurant.
We decided to sit inside, not outside on what looked like a terrific, huge wood deck. Mostly because it was getting towards sunset and the past few evenings, no matter how sunny & warm it was during the day, we had noticed it seems to get a bit chillier than expected these days as soon as the sun sets.

We ordered our usual iced teas - fresh brewed, yay! SP started off with a salad:
Pickled egg! And small chunks of beets! What a nice treat - something different. The lettuce was iceberg, but it looked like nice iceberg. He ate it all.

I couldn't resist the Provolone Cheese Sticks:
The breading was different than what I am used to, but I still can't quite figure out what makes it different. They were quite tasty.
I got the Steak Hoagie with sauteed onions, mushrooms, and peppers plus tomato and provolone cheese:
It was very good. Huge. I ate half and took the other half home for lunch on Tuesday.

SP got the House Grill sandwich:
It's grilled turkey, grilled ham, and melted American cheese placed on grilled rye bread spread with  homemade cole slaw:
He said it was very good. It must have been - he ate it all. He really likes cole slaw on sandwiches.

We were disappointed that they were out of the Deckers, their homemade potato chips, so we both settled for fresh cut fried with our sandwiches. Not being a big fries person, I only ate 1 or 2 of them.

We'd definitely go back. The sandwiches were big and tasty. Good cheese sticks. A nice salad. Fresh iced tea. We were too full for dessert, though we did have our server tell us the options for the day. I remember a carrot cake, mile high chocolate cake, apple cheesecake, and a Baily's chocolate cake. Service was good, friendly. Our server seemed happy to be at work, not just tolerant of work. Good place right off the road on which we were traveling home.
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After leaving, we continued west on route 30, into the sunset, and the end of our relaxing, wonderful Fall Getaway. We're definitely going to have to go on some sort of fall vacation next year. Beautiful, sunny, warm days with cool, crisp fall evenings, lots of fall foliage color. Just what we needed to rejuvenate a bit.


  1. Sounds like the perfect Fall getaway!

  2. this sounds like such a nice trip. my boyfriend and I are planning for an upcoming weekend near the shenandoah valley and this made me excited for it!