Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy, Comfort Food: Lasagna

Anytime someone asks me what my favorite meal is, or what my last meal would be, I say lasagna. I think it is consistently my favorite food. Sometimes I flirt with thinking pizza is my favorite, sometimes I think my favorite is braised lamb shank or grilled lamb chops, and sometimes I am convinced there is nothing better than homemade macaroni & cheese with breaded chicken tenders. But most of the time, it's lasagna. It has a lot going for it: pasta, cheese, tomatoes. Yum!
Sunday morning while I read the paper and enjoyed my morning tea, SP made the marinara sauce. He makes very good marinara sauce. Every time he makes marinara and/or lasagna, it's a bit different. It just depends on our mood. This time, he chopped onion, carrots, celery, and green pepper to saute. Then he dumped in the cans of tomato goodness. Added some sliced baby bellas. Added some dried oregano and fresh basil (well, frozen basil, since we froze the fresh basil to use over the winter). No meat this time.
The house smelled so good! In late afternoon, he put the lasagna together, carefully layering noodles, sauce, and a ricotta-mozzarella cheese mixture. The top layer is a sprinkling of grated parmesan. By the 4th quarter of the Steelers game, we were shoveling in delicious bites of lasagna while cheering.
Of course this meal called for some wine, Coppola Claret. It tasted especially good yesterday. I took a couple photos of some leftover lasagna this morning (photo above & below) because I wasn't sure how my Steelers love/Patriots hate plus 3 glasses of wine plus drooling over my favorite food plus the evening kitchen light would impact the food photos I took Sunday evening.
I love that my favorite food gives us leftovers for another 3 meals this week plus a meal in the freezer. Four lasagna nights in one week. So happy!

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