Monday, October 17, 2011

The New Oven

This past Saturday was a big day. It was 'new oven delivery day.'

Let's take a look at the old oven. It was actually a pretty nice oven. Jenn-Air. Convection settings. It didn't look super old and out-dated. It was one of the 3 black appliances, so it wasn't the odd one.
Of course, it had issues since the day we moved into the house 3.5 years ago. Sometimes when igniting a burner, there would be a 'power interruption' that would cause the front panel to blink and we'd have to re-set the time. Sometimes when igniting one burner, others would spark. The home warranty people never did figure that one out (of course in our opinion, they didn't try too hard). Then there was the strange way the oven door opened sometimes - like a hitch in the hinges. Turns out this model has hinge issues that result in the door not closing all the way, which could be why our front control panel got very, very hot. Hot enough that I burned a finger touching a button one day.

One day we squirted some citrus scented de-greaser on the cooktop and some of it ran down the front, stripping the shine on the front panel and actually removing the painted symbols/words near some of the burner knobs. I was so unhappy with the permanent drip marks and missing symbols/words. We tossed that cleaner out right away.

And then of course there was the day, 5 weeks ago, when the heat sensor died. 'F3 error! Call technician!' Lots of beeping. The front control panel was so hot I thought it was going to burst into flames.

So we went to many appliance stores, did online research, consulted Consumer Reports, and picked a new oven. It was back-ordered so we had to wait a while, but it was worth the wait. Meet our new kitchen appliance, the lovely, gleaming GE Cafe Gas Range:
We love our new oven. There are 5 burners. The middle one is oval shaped and there is a non-stick griddle pan that can replace the middle grate for making pancakes or grilled cheese. The lower drawer is not just a warming drawer, it's actually a small baking drawer - it's electric, not gas like the main oven, and it can heat foods from 140-450 degrees. The front right burner is one of those turbo charge 'boil big pots of water super fast' burners but it also has a nice super low 'simmer for a long time' setting.

The interior is so clean! Three shiny racks that easily slide in & out! (The old oven racks didn't easily slide.)
Thus far, we are quite happy. Some cooking & baking on Sunday revealed that our old oven was not properly calibrated - it must have run high so when we baked cookies at 350 it was probably a lot higher. That explains our recent baking disappointments.

We are calling it our baby. When we got home Saturday night, SP grabbed the small bottle of stainless cleaner and spent a good half an hour lovingly shining and cleaning it of delivery fingerprints. He carefully blows dust from the cooktop surface when he sees it. Sometimes we just sit there and gaze at it.

I''m sure in a month after we've slopped oil and sauces and batter all over we won't be so careful. It's kind of like the new hardwood floors - in May & June we were super duper careful, but then we dropped a couple of things and in one place put quite the dent in the new wood, and while we still try to be careful, we aren't quite so scared to do things in the kitchen for fear of 'hurting' the wood floors.

But for now, we are treating the new range with kid gloves and enjoying the newness and shininess.

Also, it did such a nice job on the treat we baked yesterday afternoon that I was inspired to make my Christmas Cookie list. I can't wait to bake holiday cookies in the new oven!!

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