Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Casbah Sunday Brunch

Sunday we went to brunch at Casbah. We did the same thing almost exactly a year ago. Here's what I wrote then:

"I think I've mentioned before that if you sign up for Big Burrito's mailing list (to receive emails about Big Burrito News/Happenings), you receive, in the mail, a birthday coupon every year and that coupon is good for up to $30 off an entree for 2 weeks around your birthday. It's not good on Saturdays, and we had already made plans to dine at Wild Rosemary, and SP gets home too late during the week for us to head back out into the city for dinner, but I just couldn't pass up the birthday coupon! So we decided to use it on a Sunday brunch at Casbah (Eleven also offers Sunday brunch)."

That's pretty much the case this year, except we ate at Willow instead of Wild Rosemary.
Casbah offers a Prix Fixe Sunday brunch for $24 (last year it was $22). It includes a cocktail of your choosing (Mimosa, Bellini, Bloody Mary, Sangria, or Salty Dog), an appetizer, and an entree. They will substitute a non-alcoholic beverage for the cocktail if you want. For my cocktail, I chose Sangria. SP chose a Bloody Mary, which arrived with three large olives, a lemon wedge, and a celery stalk. He said his Bloody Mary is on the spicy side so I wouldn't like it. The Sangria was good.

Soon enough a bread basket was delivered by someone, not our server, so we didn't get descriptions of each goodie. This makes me sad.
Remember how I said I was having allergy/sinus issues? Along with that I've also been exhausted no matter how much/how little I sleep. Well, apparently my taste buds are also affected because I noticed no discernible differences in flavor between these 3 goodies. The small scone was my favorite. SP said he could taste different flavors. Not long after we ate these treats, we heard a server describe them to a nearby table. To my surprise, the scone was a banana scone. I usually don't like banana baked treats, but I didn't pick up any banana flavor. The muffin supposedly had coconut in it. I dislike coconut. I never noticed any coconut. The biscuit was just a biscuit. Yikes! My taste buds are really off!

SP started off with Smoked Salmon, truffled potato cake, aioli, capers, red onion, egg:
It was a very generous portion. He really liked it, especially with the capers, and I enjoyed my bite of potato cake.

I started with my usual: Arugula salad with crimini mushrooms, house-made pancetta, potatoes, pancetta vinaigrette, and goat cheese:
Tasty as always. But I was only able to eat about half of it. I was already slowing down, not a good sign. Was it because I have some sinus thing? Because I finished my leftover Elbow Room sandwich at 8:30pm the night before? It was lunch time, around noon, so I should have been hungry. SP happily finished the salad.

For his brunch entree, he chose Casbah Scramble: local eggs, zucchini, roasted shallots, chorizo sausage, Pecorino Romano, smoked paprika roasted fingerlings, fresh fruit, white or wheat toast:
He enjoyed his scramble, but couldn't finish it. He was pretty full, plus something he had eaten in the days prior to Casbah was bothering his stomach. He got the last bit of scramble and the toast boxed and brought it home.

I chose the same brunch entree as last year. Braised Lamb & Eggs - braised Elysian Fields lamb shoulder, spinach, poached local eggs, oregano, and grilled sourdough:
The first thing I did was pick apart the lamb and spinach, looking for garlic cloves. Last year I was surprised by their presence, two blobs of garlic, but I simply removed them and I was OK. This year, I uncovered this:
Many blobs of garlic. Way more garlic than last year. I was surprised. And worried. Especially since the amount of lamb seemed slightly less than last year. I went ahead and ate the lamb and spinach and bread, hoping for the best.

I asked for my eggs well poached, which I know makes them not really poached eggs, but I always worry how runny yolk will affect my sensitive tummy. Here's my poached eggs:
It was tasty, but I just wasn't enjoying it. I was already pretty full, and I left probably a quarter of the portion on my plate. SP tried a tiny bite but was too full to help.

We didn't even take a peek at the dessert menu.

I left Casbah feeling somewhat sad and disappointed and letdown. I'm not sure that it was Casbah itself. Our server was wonderful as they always are at Casbah. She asked if my egg was poached enough. She kept water glasses filled.

I think it's just that I was tired, messed up from the odd early then late dinner dining on Saturday, still suffering from sneezing and a pounding sinus headache. I didn't really taste anything - SP cannot believe I thought all 3 baked treats tasted the same and didn't taste banana or coconut.

And while I didn't have my usual garlic reaction, I did feel a little sick the rest of the afternoon. My stomach hurt a bit, and I had to force myself to eat dinner because I wasn't hungry at all.

I hope this 'not feeling right' thing passes soon because next week my parents are coming into town for Thanksgiving and an early Christmas celebration and we have a lot of stuff planned for the week that they are here. I haven't seen my dad in 11 months and I haven't seen my mom in 7 months, so I'm pretty excited for their visit. My mom is really excited - she's even talking about going out on Black Friday. In Robinson. We NEVER leave the house on Black Friday. I think she's nuts, but if she wants to brave the Robinson gridlock at 6 am, well, I guess I'll go with her!

Meanwhile, I still like Casbah a lot, and their brunch, and hopefully next time we go I'll be feeling much better.

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