Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Cinnamon Pumpkin Roll with Chocolate Filling

Rolled cakes always scare me. It doesn't matter that of the 3-4 we've made, all have turned out well. The whole 'bake the cake in a jelly roll pan and then roll it in a towel then unroll it and spread filling and then re-roll' process always makes me nervous. I think I always fear the cake breaking/tearing during the many rollings.
Since I am not a huge pumpkin pie person, I decided that I wanted pumpkin roll for my dessert the week of Thanksgiving. I was all set to bake EPAS' pumpkin roll with white filling, but then we watched a Giada episode. She made Cinnamon Pumpkin Roll with Chocolate Filling.
More specifically, chocolate mascarpone filling. Mmmmmmm. And as luck would have it, SP found huge tubs of mascarpone at Costco and impulsively bought them. I took that as a sign that we had to make this pumpkin roll.
It's easy to make. I measured (as usual being very generous with the cinnamon) and buttered the pan and parchment, SP mixed, the cake baked, and then SP rolled it in the towel to cool. He also made the filling, unrolled the cake, spread on the filling, and re-rolled it while I was busy with the madeleines.
I really like this pumpkin roll with chocolate filling. I thought it was very tasty - lots of cinnamon and a creamy chocolaty filling. Mom and SP said they prefer white filling. Dad was too busy eating the pie to care about the pumpkin roll. Oh well. Maybe next year we can have two smaller rolls, one with a white filling and one with this chocolate filling.

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  1. Beautiful! I've never made a roll cake - I'm a little intimidated - but I think I'll have to try one eventually! :)