Monday, November 21, 2011

Nutella Fudge Mini Cupcakes & Other Baked Goodies

It was a food filled weekend, and yet not a food filled weekend. I know, that makes no sense.

Saturday we went to Peters for my every 10 weeks hair appointment. Afterward, we met up with L at a place called Farmhouse Coffee. It's a coffee shop on Valley Brook Road in an old white house. Inside, it looks like the original wood floors have been refinished. There are two fireplaces in the 'main' room and there's a gold pattern wallpaper which I assume is some kind of Victorian era type design. In any event, it's a very nice place to hang out and have coffee. There's also a small patio area out back and this place is right off the walking trail.

I didn't try their coffee, and neither did SP. We both had hot tea and shared a tasty biscotti with almond bits and chocolate glaze on top. L had a chocolate ice cream cone and some coffee. They sell quiche and some sandwiches, but I'm not sure that they make those items themselves.

Of course the one-third of a biscotti was all I'd eaten all day by the time we got to the Galleria around 1:40 pm so I was hungry. We detoured into Panera and each got a bagel. Asiago with plain cream cheese for me, whole wheat with garden veggie cream cheese for SP.

SP went out with his friends Saturday night. We made these mini Nutella Fudge Cupcakes for him to take. There's 4 ingredients, 3 if you omit the hazelnuts sprinkled on top like we did. Half a cup Nutella, 1 egg, 5 tablespoons flour, mix together, bake 375 for 11-12 minutes, makes 12 mini cupcakes.

They were just OK. I had half a mini cupcake. It might have been that I was too full after eating this for dinner:
Since SP was headed out for the evening, we grabbed a sandwich from Panera at Settlers Ridge for my dinner. It's a new one: Steak Balsamico (seared top sirloin, mozzarella, roasted red peppers, fresh baby spinach, tomato & basil balsamic spread on ciabatta ). It was pretty tasty.

But back to the Nutella Mini Cupcakes. Maybe I was too full to enjoy a mini cupcake, but I didn't think these were all that great. SP also thought they were just OK. And his friends thought they were OK. This is the second Nutella baked goodie that I thought was just 'meh.' The Nutella Pockets I made last August were also just OK. So far, my favorite Nutella treat is to spread it between two pizzelles for a pizzelle sandwich.
We spent Sunday doing chores like raking and laundry plus we made a batch of Mushroom Turnovers to keep in the freezer for the holidays. I raved about these last December. We served them at Christmas Eve dinner last year and they were a big hit. I haven't tried any of this year's turnovers yet, but I sampled the mushroom filling and it's just as tasty as it was last year. I can't wait to bake some of the turnovers!
We also made a batch of Chocolate Dipped Crescent Cookies since they are my mom's favorite and she'll be flying into Pittsburgh tomorrow. They don't look very crescent-like this time. More blob-like. Chocolate Dipped Blob Cookies.
I think the dough was too warm/soft/greasy because the butter was too soft. Oh well. I had the pleasure of shaping all 5 dozen. Roll small amount of dough into ball, roll into log, shape into crescent, repeat, your hands will get greasier the more you roll. I also had the pleasure of coating all 5 dozen with melted chocolate on one half. Have I ever mentioned that I do not enjoy making these cookies because of how labor intensive they are? And that I am now supremely annoyed and disappointed that they are blob like and not crescent like after all that work?

They taste OK. But I like them when they are a bit thicker, less spread out, and more crescent-y, like last year and the year before. Seriously - look how crescent-y the past ones are and then look at the photos above and see how blobby they are this year. Sigh.

We both were too tired on Sunday to make anything for dinner, not even scrambled eggs, not even a spinach salad, so we ordered a prosciutto-arugula pizza from Picasso Pizza and it was, as usual, tasty.

And that's our food filled but not food filled weekend! No dining out, no cooking dinner, just Panera and Picasso Pizza. Some disappointing Nutella mini cupcakes. Appetizers not for ourselves but for the freezer and the future. And pain-in-the-neck to make cookies that look blobby but hopefully will taste OK to mom since they're her favorite and she's coming in to town and I wanted to have a surprise for her.

But I am NOT making dad's Candy Cane Cookies. Sorry dad. I bought you a nice turkey...

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