Friday, November 25, 2011

Thanksgiving Recap

This Thanksgiving, my parents are in town, visiting us for a week. SP & I were happy to cook a meal for the four of us, with their help. Here's a quick recap.
Cranberry-Spiced Martinis for afternoon cocktails. Recipe from Noble Pig here.

A pretty pink color with a tasty cranberry-cinnamon-clove taste.

Dad's only responsibility: opening this after the martinis. The champagne is a wedding present which we had not yet enjoyed. Sooooo good. 

Afternoon snack with martinis: mushroom turnovers, recipe here

Tasty mushroom-thyme-sour cream filling, flaky dough pockets

12 lb turkey, seasoned with onion-fresh sage butter

The plate of turkey

Mom's sausage stuffing, with mushrooms, too

SP's homemade cranberry sauce (cranberries, sugar, fresh orange juice & zest)

Green beans, portobellas, and onions sauteed in olive oil and with a splash of sherry (not even close to the recipe's full half cup since mom knocked it onto the floor and it was the last of our sherry). Recipe here.

SP's baked sweet potato, from our CSA

Brussel sprouts, from the CSA, roasted with olive oil & balsamic vinegar

My dessert plate: madeleine, chocolate dipped crescent cookie, sliver of pumpkin pie, pumpkin roll with chocolate-mascarpone filling

Pumpkin pie - homemade flaky pie crust (recipe from Joy of Cooking, uses butter & shortening); the filling is the recipe on the can of Libby's pumpkin

SP likes a lot of whipped cream on his pumpkin pie

The bottom crust stayed nice and flaky; it didn't get soft/mushy, maybe because we brushed the dough with an egg before pouring in the filling and baking
A very tasty Thanksgiving. There was gravy, too, which I forgot to photograph. And some canned jellied cranberry stuff. We ate the leftovers for dinner tonight and now all that is left is a bit of turkey and one piece of pie. Plus some cookies and pumpkin roll.

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  1. Beautiful pie! And all the other treats and desserts too! What lucky parents you have!