Monday, December 26, 2011

Afternoon Tea at Omni

Last Friday we had a 'Date Day.' We went to the Warhol Museum to see the Alex Ross exhibit, then we had afternoon tea at the Omni William Penn, made a quick stop at home, and then went to see The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. We really wanted to see the movie since we both really enjoyed the books and have seen the Swedish movie versions of the books. The American film version of the first book did not disappoint!

Here's a photo summary of our afternoon tea at the Omni William Penn:
Earl Grey tea

Inside the Omni

Close up of holiday decor

The savory & sweet treats

Goat cheese & cucumber on wheat bread

Smoked salmon mousse, cucumber, and dill on wheat bread

Chicken Waldorf salad on white bread

Pistachio petit four

Raspberry mousse in chocolate cup

Chocolate torte

Cranberry scone

Raspberry jam and clotted cream

The remains of the scone (I couldn't finish it!)
It was a nice tea, but having been there for afternoon tea before, I left rather disappointed. For one, we had reservations, and while our table was immediately available and set, it was off in a corner with a view of the signs to restrooms and other places in the hotel, not the pretty lobby and holiday decor. Very disappointing.

This is perhaps a minor quibble and beyond their control, but my loose leaf tea kept clogging the teapot spout, resulting in several major overflows, drips on the table cloth, and me trying to pick tea leaves out of the spout. Also, the loose tea means the tea keeps brewing and brewing... There is no way to stop the brewing. The constant brewing resulted in very bitter tea for me. Ugh.

And there were not any tongs for the sugar cube bowl.

The sandwiches were fine, and the sweet treats fine, but my scones were dried out. They were so dry, either due to over baking or being stale, that the preserves and cream couldn't save them nor could I finish them.

Also, the cream - it was not very good cream. It wasn't clotted. It was thin and runny, making me wonder if it had been left out next to a heater. I only had a wee bit of cream because it was such an odd texture/consistency compared to other creams I've had at afternoon teas.
SP's jasmine tea
We would probably go back, but at an earlier time (not 3:30pm) and when we make reservations, I'd request to not be sequestered back in a corner with no view.

On second thought, for $17, I think I'd rather go to afternoon tea at Hyeholde.

But I had a terrific date day with SP! Comics for him, tea for me, and a movie for both of us.

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