Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Holiday Cookies 2012

The cookie containers, piled on the table.
This past weekend we finished our holiday cookie baking. If my notes are correct, the 2011 cookies used 21 sticks of butter, 31 cups of flour, 8 cups of sugar, 22 ounces of cream cheese, and 22 eggs!!

In no particular order, here are the Holiday Cookies for 2012:
Cinnamon Bun Pinwheels - these are a new addition this year. We omitted the pecans and the $7/bottle cinnamon oil. These are quite tasty and we are pretty sure they will make an appearance on next year's cookie plate, too.

The vanilla part is flakier and more pastry like than cookie like while the cinnamon part is quite smooth and was almost kind of greasy when we rolled it.

Raspberry Shortbread Bars - SP's favorite, and a cookie I've been making every Christmas for the past 5 years. This year we used raspberry preserves, but in previous years we have used peach and cherry.

Citrus Spritz - SP's baking tradition is to make spritz cookies. One year we couldn't because the cookie press broke. This year, we decided to try citrus spritz cookies instead of vanilla.

We actually made two batches of these cookies. The first used orange zest & orange extract. The second used lemon zest & orange extract.

Pizzelles. Regular pizzelles, with vanilla and anise extracts. And made with butter, not vegetable oil. 

Lots of pizzelles. Not the easiest cookie to store - I usually end up breaking 2 or 3 when I try to cram too many into one container.

Bow Tie Cookies with Apricot Preserves - a new addition that was just OK and will probably not make next year's cookie tray. I had fun with my new fluted pastry wheel, though.

Nut Tassies, this year with pecans instead of walnuts. These weren't going to make the cookie tray this year, but then we found a bag of pecans in our baking supplies, so we decided to make them after all.

Chocolate Cordial Tassies, with Kahlua. New this year, but similar to the Brownie Cups I've made in years past. These are OK, but most likely they will not make the final cookie list next year.

Mint Chocolate Chunk - I made these in November and liked them so much I decided they had to make this year's holiday cookie tray. Yum! I hope the Andes Creme de Menthe Baking Bits are around next year, too.

Sugar Cut Out Cookies - a must every year if only because otherwise, the Christmas cookie cutters would never get used! I still love this recipe from a very old cookbook my mom had when I was growing up, and they were one of the first cookies I ever made when I started baking holiday cookies.

Triple Ginger Cookies - three years in a row and we still love these cookies with ground ginger, fresh ginger, and crystallized ginger. Plus, they're soft, not hard like a gingersnap.

Spice Biscotti - the first cookie baked in our new oven this past October. We love the spice taste from the cloves, cinnamon, and ginger in a dunkable biscotti.

Dried Cherry & Almond Biscotti - these first make the cookie list last year and everyone liked them so much that we knew we'd have to make them again this year. Not a super hard biscotti, which is nice because I don't always have a cup of tea or coffee handy for dunking.

Chocolate Dipped Crescents - the first cookie made this year, the weekend before Thanksgiving, because my mom was coming into town and she loves these. We froze a lot of these so they will be included in our cookie gift packages this year.
We also made a batch of Madeleines before Thanksgiving, but we didn't think they would freeze well, so we ate them!

The Rugelach that we made last year made the final list this year... until we decided we'd had enough of baking! Then they got cut.

The Ischel Tartlets were considered... until we decided we had enough 'rolling' cookies. Neither one of  us really enjoys rolling dough. Plus, with no one from my family coming into town, no one will ask for them.

The Candy Cane Cookies that my dad loves did not make the list. I think we both dislike shaping these more than we dislike rolling dough.

We've been enjoying lots of cookies. I'll be glad (and sad) when we make up the cookie gifts and give away 95% or so of our cookies. But until next weekend, I'll be happily devouring these baked goodies, hoping my mid-section doesn't expand too much, and pondering the lesson I [should have] learned from that Frog & Toad story "Cookies" that I read in first grade. Cookies & will power. Maybe SP should buy me that book for Christmas?!

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